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  1. 1966 Mustang Convertible Instrument Panel Wiring

    Classic Tech
    OK, so I am wiring the instrument panel for the first time and everything matches up except for a black wire that is supposed to connect just above the Constant Voltage unit. I have a black wire, but the ending is not right. I am attaching 4 pictures one that includes the wiring diagram I was...
  2. 1966 Mustang Coupe Instrument Panel Short

    Classic Tech
    The instrument panel lights keep blowing a fuse. Here is what I have done. I know that I have power to the fuse box and I have installed a new headlight switch. I have used a test light to establish power to the side of the fuse coming from the headlight switch. I am down to unwrapping the...
  3. 1966 Mustang Instrument Light Issue

    Hi. I'm the new owner of a 66 A-code fastback. We are beginning to do a restomod. My instrument lights work, but do not come on with the headlights. Instead they come on with the courtesy lights (ie when the headlight switch is turned full left, or door is open). Is this a headlight switch...
  4. 1967 Mustang Instrument Panel not working

    Classic Tech
    The intsrument panel on my 67 Mustang does not work... The fuel gauge is working as well as the lights, brake light, and turning indicators, as well as the lights behind the gauges. However, none of the other gauges are working. Any thoughts of what might be wrong?
  5. 1968 mustang instrument panel wiring question

    Classic Tech
    Ok I bought a painless wiring kit which has been pretty great for most things so far, but I'm having issues with the instrument panel. The instrument gauges themselves have two posts, however the painless diagram seems to call for three posts. One for positive connection, ground connection, and...
  6. removing the dash board 2.3l

    2.3L Talk
    I want to install tweeters in my dash and run the wire to a crossover in my door. theres no way in hell to fish a wire from the tweeter hole to door jam so the dash has to come off a little bit. how do i get the dash off on the right and left side? please be specific im not pro but with good...
  7. 1966 Mustang Instrument Panel Wiring

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, My wiring is all replaced with the American Autowire 66 Mustang kit, and it looks great. Only problem is, they didnt give me any wires for the gauges. Call me paranoid for not wanting to have new wires all the way through, but eh. So, here's the question. Is there any place that...
  8. Wire problem installing reverse glow gauges on v6 1997 Mustang

    V6 Tech
    I'm currently trying to install a set of reverse glow gauges for my 1997 v6 mustang similar to these 96-97 98 FORD MUSTANG V6 3.8 120mph 7k GLOW GAUGES EURO: eBay Motors (item 180460077940 end time Aug-20-10 17:50:49 PDT) The fuel and battery sides slide on perfectly, and I have no problems...
  9. 2.3 -> 5.0 Instrument Panel Swap

    2.3L Tech
    Hi Everybody! I found a great deal ($20!!!) on a 140MPH/220KPH gauge cluster out of a 1988 5.0... As I already have all of the interior out of Alice to be restored and painted I thought that this would be a perfect time to upgrade to this instrument panel (For those of you who may be cops, I...
  10. No tailights or instrument panel lights

    2.3L Tech
    Anyone have any ideas to why my tail lights and instrument panel lights are not working? They both went out at the same time. I checked all bulbs and fuses and they are all good. All other lights and turn signals are working. Thanks for any help!!
  11. How to build a solid state IVR

    Classic Tech
    The NEW Instrument Voltage Regulator (IVR), which is located on the back of the instrument cluster, died shortly after we connected the gauges on the 66. All of the gauges went full scale when the key was turned on. Rather than buy another one for 50 dollars I ran to Radio Shack and purchased...
  12. 1967 Instrument Panel dead

    Classic Tech
    I just purchased a 1967 mustang and all my gauges are dead except the fuel gauge. Any advice?