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  1. Cost replace 2011 Mustang GT Top

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hey all had my top slashed in a failed attempt to get stuff from my car and got an estimate of $2900 to replace the top with a factory replacement. Went to another place and they quoted me the same for an aftermarket lol. The $2900 seems high, should I try some other shops?
  2. Insurance on my Mustang

    2015+ 2.3L Ecoboost Talk
    Hey everyone, so to be as brief as possible, I live in the Cayman Islands and as a birthday present my parents bought me a 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost 2.3l Turbo. I am just turning 18 and have been driving for 10 months now and I am having a very rough time finding insurance on my new car. Now I...
  3. Insurance for a 1997 Mustang GT?

    4.6L Off Topic Lounge
    im new to the forums and have been looking around at getting a mustang. i have found a 1997 mustang gt that caught my eye and i think i want to get it. i can get the gas for it, but how much would insurance cost? im 18 male, clean record and took driver's ed, and i am a full time student. the...
  4. Insurance rates for 2005-2008 GT?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey, I currently have a 2006 v6 Stang, but I have really wanted a GT for a while, but my main hesitation has been how much insurance would go up. The car is in my dad's name for the insurance, and would probably stay that way with a GT until I move out. I am looking into mostly 2005 or 2006...
  5. Getting Insurance: Grundy vs Hagerty

    Classic Talk
    Spent almost an hour on hold with Grundy, listening to the same recording over and over before giving up. Finally got their web quote to work. Grundy Quote for $20k Agreed full coverage, no mileage limit is $284 per year. Hagerty: $204 after deleting towing coverage. I have AAA that will...
  6. 1998 Mustang: My 1st American Car in 35 years

    It's my 1st American-made car in 35 years, just bought for my 16 year old son: a 1998 Mustang Coupe 2D 3.8L V6 automatic SFI, with 69K miles! What brings me to the Mustang Forum are insurance quandries. Even without adding my son as a driver to our policy, my company wants $178 a month for...
  7. Question on Taxes & Insurance

    SVT Cobra Talk
    OK I'm buying the 96 Cobra on Saturday. I'm paying $10,500 but for Tax purposes we were going to write up the sale for $7,000 because I'm tapped out and our tax here is $60/ per $1000.00 Seller and buyer were cool with that until today my insurance person through out a wrench. New rule she...
  8. i need help dealing with insurance, advice mostly

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Last weekend, i was rear ended by some dumb teenager driver with permit and her dad. She pretty much destroyed my rear bumper along with the brackets that hold the bumper and the plastic bumper guards. she also hit my left exhaust, breaking it in the process. the anyhow i called their insurance...
  9. Has anyone in California tried to get a Diminished Value from a Insurance Claim?

    West Coast
    My Mustang got hit by my garbage man! So it is in the shop and its all being paid for by their insurance company. I saw somewhere that I might me able to ask for some extra money from the insurance company, called a Diminished Value Claim. Has anyone done this before, or have any information...
  10. I'm New,2006 Mustang

    Hi, my names Cory and i plan on purchasing a white, 2006, 5-speed manual mustang next month. I was searching for a close estimate of insurance prices when i stumbled upon this forum. So can anyone tell me what they pay for a similar stang every six months or a year. I'm 19 and have had my...