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  1. 2007 Mustang GT AUX Input shaker 1000

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    hey guys, I think the aux is broken. When i plug the cable in it only plays on the right side and its faint with no bass. I tried a different cable, but the same thing happened. It does appear a little lose in the center console. not sure if that's just fit and finish though. any idea...
  2. Mustang V6 Coupe 2010 pair with iPhone 4S

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    I have a Mustang V6 Coupe 2010 (not premium) but the radio type is the "Premium AM/FM Stereo with Single-CD player. I was wondering if it's possible to pair up an iPhone with this radio in order to use my phone through the car speakers? on the Radio buttons there is one that says "Phone" Does...
  3. best smartphone with Sync?

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    I am about to take the plunge and get a smartphone. It will be an iPhone 4S or an Android phone (Bionic or Thunderbolt, most likely), but I have no allegiance. What I want to know is which phone integrates best with Sync? I have a 2011 Mustang GT with the nav option. I don't want to turn...
  4. Best iPhone / smartphone mounting solution?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    In my Mazda 6 I have set up a pretty nice iPhone mounting solution. My iPhone slides into the dock, no visible cables anywhere. I like keeping things as clean as possible, visible cables are not an option. I've looked up various mounts for the 2010+ Mustang but haven't really been satisfied...
  5. Will this iPod adapter work if my CD6 still says "CD Error"

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    *I talked about this in another thread but didn't want to hijack the users post.* Just the other day, I think my Mach CD6 finally crapped out on me in my '03 after it not mechanically making any sound displaying "CD ERROR". I really do not want to buy an aftermarket head unit as I would like...
  6. car apps car data

    4.6L Talk
    any good apps to montitor car data
  7. Sync & iPhone problems 2011 Mustang GT w/NAV

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    I've had this problem for a while and did some searching but was not able to find the fix. Seems like Apple changed the way Sync worked during an update... The problem is if you have an iPhone with your bluetooth turned on so you can make and receive calls through your car, the iPod player (on...
  8. support for iphone?? mods please.

    Feedback & Suggestions
    any chance you could make this website more iphone friendly?? well my man beef is with the uploading of the pics, it never lets me. Maybe even making a MObile and a Tuchscreen version of the site
  9. Dynalicious iPhone Dyno

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I don't know if you guys have seen the Dynalicious dyno application for the iPhone / iPod Touch, but it's pretty cool. You download a $13 application form iTunes and it turns the iPhone into a basic dyno using the built in accelerameter. I downloaded it two days ago. You put in estimated...