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  1. Spare Jets for Autolite 2100?

    Classic Talk
    Does anyone know where I can get a range of jets for an Autolite 2100 carburetor? I want to do a little tweaking and testing and want to get my hands on some 50f's at least. I tried my local carburetor shop and he doesn't have jets and doesn't even know where I can get any and I get the same...
  2. Carburetor jet increase after Cat removal

    5.0L Tech
    A few years ago my 1982 Mercury Capri with 302 V8, Motorcraft 2150 2V carb and single exhaust became no longer subject to emissions inspection. I removed the air pump and associated hardware. Walker no longer makes the original exhaust replacement parts so a year or so ago I had a custom dual...
  3. Jet change on an Edelbrock carburetor

    Classic Tech
    I really need to jet down my carburetor on my 68 289. Its running way too rich. i purchased the tuning kit with all of the springs and rods and jets that i could possibly need. I just need to know how to change the jets. Btw the carburetor is a 600 cfm 1405 Thanks in advanced.
  4. Motorcraft 2100 Carburetor Jets

    Classic Tech
    Does anyone know where someone can get replacement jets (primary), for a Motorcraft 2100 Carburetor. It's starting to look like finding an old junker pickup and ripping off the carb. Does anyone have any ideas.
  5. need help adjusting my carburetor

    Classic Tech
    Hey i need some help adjusting my carburetor. The parts that i am trying to adjust is the jets. Can anybody tell me how to do this and maybe include some pictures? BTW, i have a 289 with a autolite 2100 carburetor. Thanks.