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  1. Use for easy crossmatch junkyard parts look up

    5.0L Tech
    So I was just informed about this and wanted to share with all yall this cool lil trick. when you look up a part on for your mustang there is a tab that says vehicle fitment. If you click on that it shows you all the cars and trucks that part came on or will work on. So lets say...
  2. is there a simple direct axle swap 4.10 gears 8.8 junkyard?

    5.0L Tech
    So Ive seen the junkyard post about how the rangers came with 4.10 gears in 8.8 rear ends. Are these a straight swap over as in take the entire rear end and swap them out? I would rather do that then try to swap the actual gear and pinon out. Ive never done that type of work before and afraid...
  3. need a good junkyard in Texas

    Classic Tech
    looking to maybe get my hands on a 67-69 fastback body. doesn't have to be in amazing condition looking for something i can work with. doesn't need to run or even have an engine, tranny, wheels, axle ive got that but want a body. Im located in Corpus Christi Texas and am willing to travel as far...
  4. Windstar Intake Manifold

    V6 Tech
    Ok I wanting to come up with an easier more cost effective way to make the Windstar Intake Manifold conversion without a whole bunch of overpriced parts. I can but 3 stock air intake manifolds and the gaskets for a 3.8 and still not be as much as the Windstar Kit. 400$ is way too much for the...
  5. Where to find cheap PI heads?

    4.6L Talk
    I have a 1996 Mustang GT, and I want some more HP, where can I find some cheap PI heads? I'm a broke student, so I can't spend the big bucks for aftermarket heads, or assembled PI swap kits. I suggested to my dad (its our project car) to go to a junkyard and take a look, but he replied "yeah...
  6. junkyard engine help

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, I'm going to be heading out to a couple junkyards this weekend in search of an engine for my 67 fastback build up. I'm going to be looking for a 351W however I heard that i may have a bit of trouble finding one at a junkyard. If I can't find that I wouldn't mind a 302. If you guys have...
  7. Junkyard turbo for V6

    V6 Talk
    Ok lol im not the richest person in the im trying to make some hp with my V6 stang. Friend of mine suggested junkyard turbo. Ok so what kind of car or truck can i find a decent size turbo for a 95 V6. And 2nd how would i make this exactly?! I have no clue anything helps...