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  1. Original K-member, will it fit

    4.6L Tech
    Hi I have purchased a Ford Mustang 4.6l SVT Cobra from 1997. But it has been rebuilt for dragrace, so now I trying to get it back to original. My question is: I am going to switch to original K-member, but since I cannot find a used k-member from a 4.6 SVT Cobra (in Sweden), I would like to...
  2. 02 mustangt gt Tire/Suspension

    4.6L Tech
    Im looking into rim and tire combos for my mustang. What I want to do is stance it like the old muscle cars with a bigger rim and tire in the back. What size rim and tire can I fit in the rear end. Also I want to do coil overs. What brand is good and what else do I need to make coil overs work...
  3. 1998 UPR K-Member Install

    4.6L Tech
    Ok so finally finished the job, easy install. :kooky: Problems i ran into: Strut had to be grinded down in order to fit the coil overs on. Steering rack bolts were too long. Oh and I wasnt able to take the nut off the top of the struts. it was too hard. other than that everything went well...
  4. Help Identify K-member and A-Arms

    5.0L Tech
    Need help Identifying these parts The person I'm going to buy them from says it will fit 87-93 Mustang After looking at this K-Member it very similar to a QA1 And the A-Arms are really close to QA1 also. :shrug Thanks in advance! Rick Hopefully this is in the right category!
  5. Fabricationg own suspension parts for 1983 Mustang GT

    5.0L Tech
    I am currently taking chassis fabrication class at wyotech and was wondering if anyone would know where i could come by a set of blueprints for such items as: a tubular k-member, strut tower brace, and possibly tubular a-arms