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  1. Kaenen S281 Ordered!

    V6 Talk
    So I ordered the Kaenen S281 for my Mustang the other day. It's not here yet.... My car is red, but its faded so I wouldn't be able to really match the spoiler with red. Should I paint it black? Any suggestions? :?:
  2. Kaenen Wing purchase?

    V6 Talk
    I was wondering how to purchase a Kaenen S281 Wing. When I call the company the guy says the only way I can pay is by giving him my credit card number over the phone, and I don't think I want to do that with all the fraud these days. Is there anyone that knows anywhere else to buy Kaenen wings...
  3. will Kaenen S281 Wing Fit the stock holes?

    V6 Talk
    I was wondering if the Kaenen S281 Wing bolts into the same holes that are in the trunk from the stock GT spoiler. Anyone Know?:headscratch: Oh and if anyone has any pics of their 1994-1998 Mustang with a Kaenen wing please feel free to post them so I can get an idea what mine might look like:D