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  1. Killed A Silly Subaru

    Kill Stories
    A couple days ago we had nice clear skies and dry roads so I went out for a cruise. I was sitting at a light on a 35 mph road and I had a Subaru pull up behind me. I accelerated pretty casually and got into the right lane, and was cruising at about 42 when I saw a cop so I slowed back a bit...
  2. Kill or be Killed???

    Kill Stories
    I havent killed anybody yet nor have I been killed "racing" So out of all of my friends and pretty much my whole town I'm the only person woth foxbody mustang. Now all my friends drive honda civics, acura integras etc... I'm wondering where I stand I've had a few call me out but I just got my...
  3. Not incredibly impressive, but a kill story nonetheless :D

    Kill Stories
    Soon after I got my Mustang last spring, I was following my brother out to a friend's place, and to get there, we travelled a rural highway, thats famous around town as being somewhat of a racetrack, so as soon as we pulled out onto it, I pulled out into the left lane and up beside my bro in his...
  4. Dodge Stratus verus Ford Mustang both V6's

    Kill Stories
    I had this kid around here that has been driving a 2000 Dodge Stratus *V6* wannabe RT. He keep running into me when I was getting out of my car or when I was at home. He would drive by and rev up his engine at me. One day on my way to an appointment I seen him in front of me. I knew then I was...
  5. 90 something camaro kill

    Kill Stories
    i was out last saturday night with my friend when we saw a black 90 something v8 camaro. we quickly flipped a B and caught back up with him. he revved his engine and thats all i needed to confirm a race. i got him at the next stop light and proceeded to rape him up a fairly steep hill while his...
  6. 5.0 cobra killed, by a 4.0

    V6 Talk
    last night i ended up beating a seemingly loud and fast 5.0 in my stock 4.0. anybody have similar unbelievable kills?
  7. Finally raced my friend pestering me with his MX-6

    Kill Stories
    It was after a car "show" that occurs every friday in the next town over. We lined up on the first light and him and his friends kept telling me run them...light went green and he slammed it, i took off normal and he went about 3 cars ahead of me before the next light.They had said it made 260...
  8. My First Kill and a Grand Story to Match

    Kill Stories
    Now for those of you who don't know, I am very new to the site, and to my 97 Stang as well. So this is my first "kill" as it were. As well, I love telling a great story, so I will say this before I get into the story, for the pure enjoyment of your taking the time in reading this, there may be...