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kona blue

  1. Gallery: Ford Builds a Blue Bullitt But it's for a Good Cause

    Ford is raffling off a 2019 Bullitt Mustang to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, but not just any Bullitt. The one-of-one Bullitt will be painted in Kona Blue and will feature unique grey wheels. The blue will follow inside, where instead of green stitching, the JDRF Bullitt’s...
  2. C style stripe or not?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I like that C style stripe(I do not have it right now), and I already have the Super Snake style stripes. I photoshopped my car (also added a pony if you didn't notice) and if I decide to put on that C stripe, it would be in silver and only on the right side, and I have fender hash stripes on...
  3. Silver Super Snake and Fender Hash Stripes on Kona Blue

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Just got my baby back at 3:00 AM, silver Super Snake style stripes and Fender Hash Stripes on 2012 V6 Kona Blue. A local wrap shot installed it. It's dark everywhere at this time so please bear with the crappy picture quality. I will update pictures taken in daytime later.
  4. New to AFM, 2012 Mustang V6

    So how's it going everybody? I'm new to the forum and wanna say hi first. So I just got my new 2012 V6(base, Kona blue, auto) the day before yesterday. which got 11 miles when I put my hands on it. The MSRP was $24680 (just regular V6 base w/ auto and all weather floor mats installed by...
  5. Has anyone seen 2013 deep impact blue in person?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I'll be ordering my 2013 GT next week now that pricing is out, but I'm torn between sterling grey and deep impact blue. Deep impact blue looks different in every photo I've seen, so I'm looking for some help from those that have seen the color in person at a show. I liked the way kona blue...
  6. 2012 Mustang color choice

    Hi everyone! This is my first post and I need help choosing colors. I may be getting a 2012 V6 Mustang and I was debating between Red Candy and Kona Blue. I know Kona blue will show dirt fast because I currently have a 2006 Mustang in Vista Blue. Does Red show dirt as fast? And which do you...
  7. 2012 Mustang GT Arrives as Ordered - Waited all Winter (almost)

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Well, as I already posted in the "Who Ordered" poll/sticky, I finally picked the car up Tuesday - then promptly left on a business trip (leaving it in the garage) :weeps. It has been a loooooong 3 days. But, today was a beautiful day for multiple reasons, as I got to come home and finally get...
  8. Here it is! Mustang GT Kona Blue

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Finally made it home!!!:banana: The color looks great, and so does the saddle interior. The glass roof is amazing. I don't think the car is quiet at all, but I guess that depends on what your comparing it with... Now some pics :drool:
  9. Bullitt-style aluminum shifter for 2010?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Cheers everyone! I've got my eyes on a Kona Blue 2010 GT 5-speed. However, none of the local dealers carry the GT with the aluminum shift knob (like the one from 08-09 Bullitts) that I see in my 2010 Mustang brochure. Does anyone know if this can be added later or is it actually part of a...