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  1. 2003 hood doesn't close properly

    V6 Tech
    So this is my first I'll try my best. I just bought my 2003 mustang from a private party and noticed that the hood closes but you can still pull it up to un-hinge the latch without pulling the latch from inside the car first.So when I'm driving on freeway the hood is shaking since its...
  2. 1965 Mustang Standard Glove Box Help

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I have an issue with the latch of my glovebox. I have installed a new glovebox door and liner and the door closes nicely, however the latch does not catch on the "catch"(the upside down hook type piece). The latch seems to be hitting the catch way too high. If I adjust the door down...
  3. Question about 1972 Mustang door latch

    Classic Tech
    Hey everybody, So is it conceivable that I could replace my driver side handle and door latch on a 72 coupe? I can find the parts. Im assuming there is also an internal spring for the mechanism as well would that come with either of those two pieces? Or would it likely need to be purchased...
  4. Aerocatch hood pins. Anybody got em?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I was thinking about adding a set of aerocatch hood latches to my 2010 GT. wondering if anyone out there is using them and has pics.
  5. '67 door latch spring and locking issue

    Classic Tech
    I took out my latch assembly today and i believe there is a spring missing. I circled the spot where I think it should go in the picture below. Is that the correct spot to put a spring and is there any more that I might be missing? The problem is that the latch doesn't actually latch onto...
  6. How stupid am I

    V6 Talk
    2003 6cyl coupe So today i went to swap out my coil pack. Easy job naturally some one was touching my freaking tools so I used a screwdriver ratchet. of course to remove the top tight screw i need a ratchet since the screwdriver isnt deep enough. Instead of getting mad and aksing my household...
  7. Self install functional hood pins or professionaly done?

    Show & Shine
    just got some ford racing hood latch pins from Amazon ($30), cannot find directions anywhere on the best way to install them. Searched these forums, Bing, and Google, no luck. just pictures from after they were installed. Messaged some people on youtube, they say they had someone else do it for...
  8. 1990 FoxBody Hatch Trunk not shutting all the way?

    2.3L Talk
    I think I need a new latch, but I can't find one anywhere. To describe my problem, my hatch won't close all the way. It's closed enough to keep cold, water, etc. out. But I want it closed all the way cause I can hear cars and things. Anybody know the problem? Or where to find a new latch...
  9. 1968 convertible top not closing all the way

    Classic Tech
    Hiya, hoping somone out there can give me some advice on my convertible top. the canvas itself looks great/window needs replaced. It worked fine when i first bought the car (which had sat for 25 years without being touched. I found a hinge pin that was about to fall out on the driver side...