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  1. 2015 Mustang GT Automatic optimal 0-60/Launch

    2015+ 5.0 Mustang Talk
    I recently purchased a new 2015 GT Automatic and am having trouble launching it correctly. On the street, if I hit the accelerator hard in sport mode, I get lots of wheelspin while if I'm light on the throttle, I'm slow to accelerate to 60. My old car had AWD and a turbo engine which meant most...
  2. Big turbo GTI vs Mustang GT

    Drag Racing
    Hey everyone just wanted to share another cool video of a nice mustang going agains a GTI, filmed at PBIR test and tune two days ago. Enjoy, Thanks, -AutoHaven
  3. 1999 3.8L Mustang U-Joints??? WITH VIDEO!!!

    V6 Tech
    Hey All, So I've got a 1999 3.8l Mustang(obv.), 5 speed. The car has been great so far, but I cant seem to get rid of that rocking/heaving from a stop. I want to say its the U-Joints, but from the video, I'm not so sure. Could be the part where the transmission connects to the shorty...
  4. 1st time at the track tonight...need help on launching a manual

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hi everyone, I took my car to the track for the first time tonight. It was 90+ was I got there so I knew my times would suck today. This was my first time drag racing a manual car and could not launch it worth anything. 1st time - stalled it :sadcry: 2nd time - bogged badly 3rd time -...
  5. Trying to hard launch standard 2007 mustang v6

    Drag Racing
    Hi, I have been trying to light-hard launch and i have been running into some problems. I push in the clutch, put it in first, hold the clutch in, and rev to 2-3k rpms, then i drop the clutch. I keep stalling out :weeps I have tried slipping the clutch and it doesnt work! I dont have...
  6. launching in an auto

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    is it ok for the trans to put the car in neutral, build rpms and drop it into drive. i figure it's the same as dropping the clutch, but i wanted to see what up
  7. 2000 v6 manual. keys to a good launch?

    V6 Talk
    hey guys, finally installed my cai and had a true dual conversion and i've been playing with my friends on the freeways alot more. nothing serious at all, just the enjoyment of driving a little faster than the speed limit says you should :). i've hardly raced from a dig before but being that i...
  8. Footbrake Launches..

    4.6L Talk
    Okay, so how bad is a footbrake take off for an Automatic considering I can get the RPMs up without spinning the tires?