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  1. 1968 mustang coupe seat recliner lever removal

    Classic Tech
    Helppppp!!! Very last thing i have to do to get her on the road is reupholster but i just cant seem to get the recliner lever off the side of the bucket seats to get the new vinyl on. I have removed the screw from the lever but there appears to be a metal plug on the inside preventing me from...
  2. 2002 Mustang V6 Automatic Intrior Modification Questions

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys, first post here ever! So i just bought a used 2002 mustang V6 automatic. I would like to switch the shift lever to something more luxurious(like a buick lacrosse lever and boot or a mercedes clk500 cabriolet shift lever with leather boot) and a new steering wheel(like a mercedes...
  3. Need A Little Help With C4 Kickdown Shaft Lever

    Classic Tech
    This is a 1970 C4 in my 1966 Mustang 289. I decided it was time to drop my pan and check out why the PO had the outside of the kickdown lever zip tied to the neutral safety switch. When I cut the zip ties and removed the nut I found that the shaft would pull completely out of the case along...
  4. college kid, front left bearing problems, need help please.

    Classic Tech
    Hey my name is Chad, im in college with my 66 inline 6 project car. I noticed when i was driving i could feel a sqeaky noise coming from the front left tire i believe. and when im driving and turn the wheel it starts this popping noise. i changed all my brakes / drums because they needed to be...