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  1. Off-Road Foxbody?

    Wheels and Tires
    I was wondering if I could get some ideas on what suspension parts to get to toughen up my Mustang for some Off-road-ish terrain in my area. Now, I don't need it to survive Dukes of Hazard jumps or anything, but I would like it to withstand some modest air. What springs and shocks should I get...
  2. 87 mustang gt 1.73 roller rockers

    5.0L Tech
    trying to decide on what rockers to run on my car, its speed density, has gt40p heads, explorer intake, and i have a computer for it that is flashed for a 302 with a B cam. What im wondering is if anyone has used the stock 87 cam with 1.73 rockers, ive calculated the lift out to be .4779 which...
  3. 302 max lift cam rr ,1991 Mustang GT

    5.0L Talk
    i have a 91 gt 302ho and i have pretty much stock everything except cam longtube headers and cold air intake. i have stock heads. and intake. what i need to know is with my cam (b303) will i be able to put 1.7 rr. i know b cams are not that good but i bought the car with it already in it. i...
  4. Raising Rear End 1967 Mustang

    Classic Tech
    I want to raise the rear end of my 1967 coupe. I hear that getting extended shackles can do this. I found a set of adjustable shackles on jegs and would there be any negative effects of using these to raise the rear end an inch or so? Mr. Gasket Adjustable Shackle Set - JEGS If shackles are a...
  5. installing my 302

    5.0L Tech
    Hello: When I pulled my 302 and tranny out of my 90 GT I just hooked the engine lift to some head bolts to pull her. Now that I have my motor fully reassembled with new heads and all I am looking to put it back in with the tranny attached. What bolts are my best bet to attach the engile lift...
  6. Am I giving myself a little too much credit?

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    So I have decided to purchase an 8.8 rear end with 4.10 gears from new take off. I want to save the labor costs for installing it but I have never worked on any part of a car before and don't have a lift. Should I break the ice and install this myself?....If i do that, what should I do for a...
  7. Installing new Clutch/Flywheel, advice needed!

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hi there, I was planning on installing a replacement clutch/flywheel etc this weekend using a friends shop so that i would have access to a lift and all the necessary tools. Unfortunately this is no longer possible :headscratch:. So i am left with the unenviable task of replacing the clutch...
  8. Is this camshaft able to be swapped into a 302 without interferance.

    Classic Tech
    i have a 1968 302 that i am building and was wondering if anyone know what the biggest lift cam i can use with flat top pistons. i am looking at getting the edelbrock 7122 cam and lifter set, the cam has a .496/.520 int/exh lift specs. just wondering if this would be to dramatic for my...