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  1. loose rocker arms- why?

    5.0L Tech
    Recently did a carb conversion on my 91 5.0. I figured it would be a good time to put new lifters and pushrods in. When I finished up the motor, and fired it up- the lifters and or rockers were clattering. I thought that maybe the lifters had to prime. After about 5-10 minutes shut the car off...
  2. tapping 1973 302

    Classic Tech
    I have a tapping in my the 73 302 that I rebuilt. I torqued the rockers to 20 lbs. The cam is new and the lifters are new. The push rods are the same. Non of them were bent. It is on the passenger side. Doesn't seem to be an exhaust leak. The motor has ran for about 20-30 minutes total...
  3. stock lifters vs aftermarket lifters! i have sticky lifters

    4.6L Tech
    ok long story short i sold my 98 gt for this 04 40th anniversary mustang it has flat top pistons comp cams xe278ah cams comp cams valve springs and retainers...bunch of other stuff. the thing is the guy did not oil the lifters up before installing them and now they tick it sounds like only a...
  4. 1966 289 Lifter/Camshaft Removal

    Classic Tech
    Need some technical advice about how to get the lifters out of a 66 289 engine block... I got everything out/off of the block, except the lifter and the camshaft... On that note, can the camshaft come out without the lifters being out... do I need any specific tools?
  5. Mechanical or Hydraulic?

    Classic Tech
    I am planning an engine rebuild and was wondering if mechanical lifters are interchangeable (with appropriate adjustments whatever those may be) with hydraulic lifters. I was planning to upgrade my valvetrain to full roller with roller lifters, rocker arms, and cam. The engine is a '69 351W 4...
  6. 1969 Mustang Mach 1 351W Loose Rod Question

    Classic Tech
    I have a 69 Mach 1 with a 351W I recently purchased. This car was in a barn since 1978 and is stock. I was able to get it running with 95,000 miles on it. I pulled the carb (had Pony Carbs rebuild it), valve covers and intake manifold. I noticed one rod was loose with about a 1/4 inch of...
  7. Adjusting valve lash with solid lifters.

    5.0L Tech
    i've read and have been told a few different ways to adjust valve lash, but what is the best way for a solid roller lifter motor? does each cylinder need to be on the compression stroke to make these adjustments? this is the first complete engine i've built and i'd appreciate any tips. thanks...
  8. 1967 289 with AOD - replace cam and lifters?

    Classic Tech
    I recently pulled the stock 289 out of my coupe to replace leaking gaskets and so on. I've since purchased a rebuilt AOD transmission to go back in with as well. I had a lifter tick at startup prior to removal- Any ideas on what cam/lifter setup I should put in - as opposed to just replacing...