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lincoln mark vii

  1. My 1984 Big Mustang

    Distributor installation causing undependable hot rod ? Like my 1984 Hot Rod Lincoln started many times today running until putting Mark 7 into gear. On going mystery about my Lincoln Mark Vii running hard and fast for the first 20 minutes then stalls and will not fire . Possibilities of...
  2. Mark VII brakes

    2.3L Tech
    I bought the complete knuckle assemblies from a Lincoln MkVII to upgrade my 4CYL brakes. I also found out afterwards the ball joint is different. Can I use Lincoln ball joints in the Mustang A arm or can I change to the Lincoln Arms? Any help would be great
  3. Lincoln Mark VII: BRAKE SWAP

    2.3L Tech
    Hi Everybody, I have found an interesting Lincoln Mark VII that a guy is completely parting out and I want to switch to a 5-lug set-up and get better braking with bigger rotors and rear disc brakes. Switching to 5-Lug will also help by giving me a better selection of wheels to choose from. The...