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  1. My first car, a 1966 mustang 289 V8 :)

    Glad to be part of this awesome mustang community! None of my friends or anyone I know drive classic vehicles, so I'm glad there are others i can talk to. Anyway, just bought my first car 3 months ago and it has definitely been an adventure. I look forward to helping people in some of the...
  2. first mustang, 95 gt convertible, a lot to do

    Hello, moved to LA six month ago and got my first Mustang from a friend who just left the country. first it was just a random car for me, but by the time I fell in love with it. This friend had a crash and fender, bumber cover and hood are junk parts. It has still three colors... when I started...
  3. Any experienced fox body builders in Los Angeles?

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 4 cyl 1993 Mustang shell, I want a carb 351W engine and some support to hold the engine in the front. I want the engine somewhat built or rebuilt with some high performance parts cleaned and painted. My budget on this is $2,000 and what I'm willing to spend depends on what will be done...