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loss of power

  1. 1996 mustang gt randomly runs rough

    4.6L Tech
    hi guys, im having some trouble with my 96 gt 5 speed. i just replaced my catted h-pipe with an o/r h-pipe because my car was studdering and losing power randomly. i had a check engine light saying insufficient flow or cat below threshold (i forgot), anyway i figured my cats were clogged. after...
  2. 1990 LX 2.3L 4 Cylinder

    2.3L Tech
    I have a 1990 LX 2.3L 4Cylinder. I recently just did the Following Maintenance to her. New Oil and Oil Filter, New spark Plug Wires and Plugs, New Fuel Filter, New Starter, New Air Filter, New Distributer Cap, and New Front and Back Seals on the Transmission. Recently I have had these problems...
  3. low voltage out of fuel pump relay

    5.0L Tech
    noticed when I would get higher in rpms or keeping my foot steady on the pedal the car couldnt keep up with it and would sputter or completely fall on its face and has a wicked loss in power. I come to notice that I am only getting 6.48v on the green and yellow wire all the way from the fuel...
  4. Air/fuel ratio spiking in a new Mustang, sometimes losing power.

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    This is the air/fuel ratio on a 2013 Mustang GT with about 600 miles on it, under moderate load (upshifting through the gears while coming to speed on the highway). Its been giving me trouble in that the ratio will shoot up, causing the check engine light to blink and engine to lose power...
  5. 1996 stang 4.6L manual serious gas usage

    4.6L Talk
    1996 Ford Mustang 4.6 liter manual transmission. My daughter filled up her tank and drove approximately 20 miles and the car used 1/4 tank! She doesn't speed and this is a stretch of road with no stops. No visible gas leak. The car we noticed started fouling out a spark plug and we smell the...
  6. Lots of Mods and No Power to show for it.

    5.0L Tech
    Hello All, Here is some history; I have a 1993 Mustang LX Convertible 5.0 Work done: ---Brand New Rebuild--- Stock 5.0L Block Bored .030 over Ported & Polished AFR 165/202 Heads 1.6 Roller Rockers Forged Pistons Forged Rods (X Cam I believe - can find out for sure if needed) Ported upper and...
  7. Fuel pressure issue

    5.0L Tech
    ok so heres the scoop ive been dealing with this problem of my fuel pressure going to 40psi when i turn it in the on position and its drops back to zero within 3 minutes. the car feels like it loses power when i get into 2nd and 3rd gear. also runs like complete **** and has a hard time staying...
  8. car shakes in nutral at 1700+ rpm

    V6 Talk
    well for awhile i thought i was just getting use to the power , then i drove my friends car and dam , my mustang has lost power. I cant find any loose wires, no arks , no odd sounds just shakes when you have it in nutral above 1700+ rpm. no codes back either, was thinking mabye coil is misfiring...
  9. Need Help Bad..

    5.0L Tech
    Car always has a really high pitched whistle and isn't as powerful as usual and I found this.. Anyone tell me if its a blown head gasket?
  10. Whistle/Whine Hard Acceleration

    5.0L Tech
    Whenever I am driving my car there is always a small whistle, I replaced all vacuum lines, pcv valve, new tb gaskets and more. If I get on it hard it sounds like a loud sucking noise and the car gets loud but isnt moving at its full potential. If this helps, one bolt is stripped on my intake and...
  11. Erratic Idle Help!?

    5.0L Tech
    Hey everyone, happy new year, im having this problem yet again, my car will be sitting at 1k rpm's and ill watch the tachometer and it will bounce to about 1800 rpm's with barely any change to the sound of the idle, it does this very often. seems more often when the heat is on, i've replaced...
  12. missing catalytic converter causing problems?!

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Ok after arriving at the ehxaust shop to pick up my car after getting my dual pypes M80s installed (sounds amazing..but way loud lol) the shop owner informed me that almost all of the rear catalytic converter on the passenger side was missing. Now i've been having alot of trouble out of this car...
  13. 1989 mustang 5.0 can only go to 4200rpms

    5.0L Tech
    im having a problem with my 1989 mustang lx i can go past 4200 rpms here and there but not all the time and def not after im going more than 25mph. the only time i can go past 4200rpms is sometimes in first in 3rd but more often than not it wont let me it acts as if it has a rev limiter on it. i...
  14. Is my 5.0 Not Tuned Right?

    5.0L Tech
    I changed the thermostat a few days ago and put the stock 195* thermostat in and it runs really cool. It runs at about the "O" in "NORMAL" when it is about 72* out here in California. However, the problem is that I feel like it has lost some power. It has been running rich for the past two...