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loss power

  1. 1999-2004 Mustang GT Misfire? Please help!

    4.6L Tech
    I have 2001 Mustang GT that i bought a few months ago from craigslist. When I first bought it, the car ran great, I could hit redline no problem, but then the first time I took it to the track for drifting I started having problems. After a few runs, when i would clutch kick the car had...
  2. 91 Mustang GT Loss of Power

    5.0L Tech
    OK, still newbie with being back into Fords again, Finally.. Mustang, 347 Stroker Block, Stock Heads, why?, Cobra Upper & Lower Intake and Plain #19 inj's.. Bought as is and Drove home, tons of Power and Reved Like no tommorow! Since washing engine bay(maybe Coincident) but Power SUCKS.. Go...
  3. 1992 mustang gt erratic idle loss of power

    5.0L Talk
    alright iv got more issues than what i initially thought here's my symptoms at idle if i quickly tap the gas it stumbles quickly usually she revs about 1k once warmed up it goes down to about 700 which seems fine to me all this has just been the way the car ran up until about a week and a half...