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  1. idles fine but power loss under load

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 93 lx with several bolt ons as well as a p1sc procharger setup. I dont see the s/c being relevant to my problem so I posted here instead of power adders. I have removed belt from s/c and am currentlt not running it so everything else is set up for non forced induction..spark plugs...
  2. Electrical problem 1965 Mustang with painless harness

    Classic Tech
    I was just completing some minor work on my 65 when I noticed that I lost power to the radio, electric fan, dash lights, courtesy lights taillights and brake lights. All other electical works fine good gauges, tach, headlights, front turn signal and starts and runs fine. I have had my Painless...
  3. 5.0 mustang drivetrain loss percentage %

    5.0L Tech
    Hey does anyone know the drivetrain loss percentage for a 5.0 mustang T5 from what I know I'm assuming 17-20 %