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lost power

  1. Temporary fix for plugged/damaged catalytic converter? (1994 Mustang 3.8 V6 AT)

    V6 Tech
    Hi! I just got a 1994 Mustang (3.8 V6 Auto Transmission) last week. Lovin' it :bigthumbsup... except for this problem.... For you guys who want me to get to the point right away, here's the question: **Assuming I have a damaged "cat", Can I "punch" or somehow remove the catalytic...
  2. 1998 Mustang GT Won't go over 60 MPH

    4.6L Tech
    Has anyone experienced that car wouldn't go over certain speed even you floored it? My car does. It runs ok from 0-50 but after that it barely accelerate even if I floor it. The RPM will rev up to 4K but no different in speed. It even worst when go up hill even just a small one. No check engine...