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  1. question about removing muffler

    V6 Tech
    hi i own a 2003 v6 3.8, and i was wanting to remove my muffler to make my car louder. i would really appreciate some help on how i should go about doing so. btw im only 17 so i cant afford a dual exhaust kit now.
  2. midpipe question?

    5.0L Talk
    i searched around for a bit an couldnt find this question. does every o/r h pipe sound the same/does every o/r x pipe sound the same or do you get different sounds with different brands? also, does one brand of catted midpipes sound different form other catted midpipes? thanks
  3. Make my 1998 Mustang V6 Louder?!

    V6 Tech
    Im only 15 years old, just got my stang for christmas... yes I love my parents lol. Well, I was wondering, do you guys have any ideas on how I can make my car a little louder and have a little more rumble, without spending a lot of $$? Also, I was thinking about buying a new muffler. Something...