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  1. Problem: M90/M112 Splitport

    V6 Tech
    I've been contemplating supercharging my 3.8 split port and the general consensus is SSM adapter plate and m112 from 03/04 cobra. I've been wondering why an m90 won't work on a split port but an m112 will. I understand that neither will bolt straight up, but does the m90 not work with an adapter...
  2. 2008 Mustang GT

    Hey people, im pretty new to the site and im just wondering what other aftermarket parts i should get for my car. I have a 2008 Ford Mustang GT, M90 Roushcharger, Roush Off road dual exhaust, Roush body kit, 19 inch Gianelle chrome rims, Shaker 1000, short throw shifter, Recon tailights, HID...
  3. M90 supercharger for a 2001 Mustang GT?

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2001 Gt and this years tax returns are going towards a supercharger. I am looking for a low boost cheap charger that will fit on a factory GT. I have some mods but nothing internal besides head work. I am looking at the M90 supercharger that they use on saleens but will it fit on my...