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  1. Exhaust Swap from stock to MAC Prochamber and Long Tube Headers

    Hey guys, I'm brand new to the site but not new to mustangs. I've had mine for years and mustangs have been a part of my family for generations. My grandma even had one. I'm considering changing the exhaust for my stock 2006 Mustang V6-Pony Performance Package. Is the "MAC Long Tube headers...
  2. My new parts! Newest mod

    4.6L Talk
    I just bought some Mac Long Tube Headers and BBK O/R Xpipe to replace my stockheaders and O/R hpipe... Bolting up to my Borla Stinger Catback How much HP you think I'd get... 20? Big/Noticable Difference? I bought both of these NEW for $400 shipped. Heres the link...let me know what you think...