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  1. 2000 mustang gt MAF sensor .

    4.6L Tech
    its got a bbk 3" cold air he says he reused the stock maf sensor . lookin to get an up grade on it but just need some input on what size to get . its got stock injectors on it but those are bein upgraded later . if I buy a maf sensor calibrated to stock (19LBS) Can it be recalibrated later to...
  2. 1994 Mustang Cobra stock MAF sensor Size?

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Does anyone know the size of the stock MAF on the 1994 Cobra? I really have no clue what it is. I was also told that going up 10-15 mm on the MAF is an easy way of getting an additional 10-12 HP out of the stock cobra. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  3. MAF Recommendations

    5.0L Tech
    I have a couple of questions regarding Mass Air Meters. I am adding an Edelbrock Performer RPM II Intake with an Accufab 70mm throttle body. I plan to upgrade the fuel pump to 255lph and injectors from 19# to 24# when I replace the heads (in the next couple of years). That being said, here are...
  4. 70mm Ford MAF UPGRADE on 1992 5.0 Mustang

    5.0L Tech
    :?:OK, so i want to upgrade my small stock MAF on my 5.0. So i read a few posts on sites and guys say that the 70mm Ford MAF on early 90's cars with serial number F2VF-12B579-A1A(A2A) will work directly with the A9L computer. So what i did was i went to the local auto wrecker and picked up a...