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  1. Trunk falls apart

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I just bought a 06 mustang to fix up and i have put it mostly together but the trunk panels are unhooked and wont stick i dont know what to buy to hook it back to the bolt if you can please direct me to a url that will sell the part to me Thanks
  2. White spots on tail light

    2015+ 5.0 Mustang Talk
    Hello everyone, I noticed some white spots on my left tail light. I have tried to scrub them away, but nothing happens. I was wondering if anyone else has this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Convertible Maintenance

    V6 Talk
    I have a 1985 Mustang LX convertible and I'm wondering what maintenance is needed for the convertible tops. not just for the top but for the mechanism too. is there anything i should do to upkeep the actual mechanism? (there are some parts that have recently started rattling.) I just need any...
  4. 2015 Mustang maintenance package, worth it or not?

    Mustang S550 General Discussion
    Hi All, I just leased a brand new 2015 ecoboost Mustang and my dealer offered me a maintenance package for $1700 CAD which covers me for 3 years for all service visits, oil change and any replacement for any part in the car for ware an tear including break pads, wipers, filters etc. I was...
  5. 01 GT , maintenance questions

    4.6L Tech
    I purchased my mustang not too long ago. I recently cleaned my iac and it was really dirty. I just wanted to ask about what other engine parts I can clean to maintain my car, also if there are any parts I should replace(123,000 miles) . I'm already replacing the fuel filter, things along the...
  6. Coyote/Roadrunner V8 Spark Plug replacement cost

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    I'm just curious if any fellow owners can offer input into the reasonable labor required in hours to replace a set of 8 spark plugs for a Coyote or Roadrunner motor. All helpful insight will be appreciated.
  7. Clean Throttle Body equals Performance Improvement

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    A week ago I changed my alternator. When I removed my throttle body, I noticed it had carbon buildup behind the butterflies. I paid the dealership last year to do my 100,000 mile maintenance, which included the cleaning the throttle body. It appears the stealership didn't do the job. So after a...
  8. 2008 gt changing brake fluid

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey guys I am about to change my brake fluid to amsoil and get the nasty fluid out. I have a vaccum pump. I've searched around and all the instructions I have found are incomplete. I know I need to vac out the fluid in the order of passenger rear, driver rear, pas front, driver front. I am just...
  9. Post Track Day Maintenance Question

    Road Racing
    The oil will be changed between track days, but I was look for info on what else you would consider and how often, I was thinking diff, trans and maybe brake fluid etc. Just generally with tracking the car how often should these item be changed. Thanks Chris
  10. 1966 Mustang Which is the best oil to run

    Classic Tech
    I am new to the forum and am now the proud owner of a 1966 mustang, inherited from my grandfather. It needs a lot of loving though, so i figured i'd start with an oil change. What is the best brand/viscosity for it? its got the Inline 6 engine in it
  11. 100,000 mile maintenance suggestions?

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    sadly my car is almost up to 100,000 miles but still runing strong. what are some other preventative maintenance ideas? whats your opinion on type of oil? Iv already flushed my radiator Changed spark plugs, wires, and coil replaced intake filter replaced fuel filter new brakes fuel injector...
  12. 2000 GT running like new again.

    4.6L Tech
    I have a challenge for everybody surfing this website! I own a 2000 Mustang GT with a manual transmission. I am looking to make this car run like it just left the factory. I want you to give me a list of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can think of that will make this happen. I am looking for a list...
  13. A Proven Way to Increase MPG

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    How to Increase Your Gas Mileage on Your Vehicle | A Thing for Cars I have been using this method for 2 years now, and the mustang shows no problems. Every fill-up my fuel economy improves by 20-30%. I used to get 24 mpg on the highway and now I get 28-30 mpg. Try It! How to Increase Your Gas...
  14. What to look for under my Mustang GT

    4.6L Tech
    I have a family friend who owns a mechanics shop here in town, and he lets me use his lift when it isnt occupied for a small cost of dinner. The main reason I am putting it up on the lift in the first place is to investigate a clunking noise coming somewhere from the driveline. And having...
  15. Dealership quotes me $1600 for service; worth it?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey folks, So I drive a 2006 Mustang V6 (picked it up Sept '05), which is approaching the 90,000 mile mark. It used to be driven QUITE a ways during my daily commute from LA to Orange County (50 miles each way) for about a year. I've taken a couple of drives to San Francisco in it. Nothing...
  16. Car Maintenance Schedule Tracking Website or Software

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hi everyone, Just purchased a 2011 Roush Stage 2 and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good software package or website to track recommended maintenance for the GT 5.0. Thanks, Doug
  17. Maintenance Help with 2006 Mustang GT

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    i have a 5speed 2006 mustang GT that has a little over 38k miles, i have a C&L intake in it with the BAMA 97 performance tune in it,i dont beat my car often i usually just cruise in it, i baby the car when it comes to the oil changes:worship, i always use the best and get it changed every 3 to...
  18. 2007 Ford Mustang 30000 miles

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hello I just passed 30,000 miles on my car. What should be done to the engine for regular maintenance. Also, what are some great mods that improve handling/performance. I what are some mods that are cool/ improve looks Any help would be great. Thanks
  19. ABS Plastic - Care and Maint

    Show & Shine
    What is the best way to maintain unpainted black ABS Plastic (that is currently in perfect condition) to protect it from UV discoloration and keep it looking good? Also, what is the best product to make dulled, whitish ABS plastic look black and glossy again?
  20. Used to have a 1998 Z28 now own a 1998 Mustang

    Hey everybody. I'm new to this forum and Mustangs in general. Although I've spent a fair amount of time around them, I've never owned one myself. My 98 Z28 met its demise unfortunately and now I own a 1998 Mustang GT which I've been pleased with so far. I probably won't do any performance...