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  1. Ford 4.0 SOHC Turbo Manifolds

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    What's up y'all I am planning out a single turbo kit for my 09 4.0L. Before anyone says it, I'm doing this just for fun and because I finally have some adult money and a garage. I've had this car since high school, and always wanted to V8 swap it. However, I came into a steal of a 96 GT. Now...
  2. What are the four hoses going into the CAI?

    2015+ 5.0 Tech
    I know 3 of them are resonator, PCV and brake actuator. What is the small one beside the PCV hose? It runs up under the manifold. The clip on the disconnect broke on mine and Ford is saying I need to replace the entire hose which will require me to remove the manifold and cost me over $600...
  3. V6 3.8L Preformance Intake Manifolds & Throttle Bodies

    V6 Tech
    Hey V6 Mustang owners, I just wanted to give you a link to the best & only source of preformance intake manifolds & throttle bodies I could find on the Internet for V6 Mustangs. Maybe I'm not looking in all the right places or entering the right keywords, but this site is the only location I...
  4. Dorman 615-175 intake manifold

    4.6L Tech
    2000 GT This replacement intake has the pre installed gaskets right? Will I need to buy the gasket strip separately and place under the manifold? Or do I just clean it off and set the manifold directly on the metal? Will the pre installed gaskets prevent leaks or do I need a separate gasket strip?
  5. I6 200 - Headers or Manifold?

    Classic Tech
    Hi guys, I am nearing completion of my 1965 Mustang Inline 6 200 coupe resto-mod and it does not have an exhaust system. There is no exhaust manifold or headers on the car now, and my question is which should I put on? Headers or a manifold? Car will be my daily driver so I'm much more...
  6. 98gt intake manifold swap with 99 intake?

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 98gt and was wondering if I could use my friends intake manifold off his 99gt. Is it a straight swap or do I need other parts besides a gasket to swap them? Will this increase performance or hp or is it pointless?
  7. Boss Intake Manifold/Tune Question

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    I have a 2014 GT Automatic and was looking at getting the Boss Intake Manifold, but i'm not sure if it would be worth it with you actually losing power until you hit roughly the 5500 RPM range. Now I hear the Bama Street tune is good for the low end power and not as much at the top end. I was...
  8. 2001 mustang v6 turbo install questions.

    I have a 2001 mustang that I'm about to turbocharge, I've heard about lot of people say that our blocks can handle alot, even one guy with like 600 horsepower or something, but I'm just going for a little more. I've heard you can run 4.4 pounds of boost on the stock injectors and fuel pump and...
  9. are these stock headers? or aftermarket?

    4.6L Talk
    I bought a mustang a while back 2000 gt.. it turned out the old owner switched the engine for a 98 crown vic or a mustang engine.. idk.. but can anyone tell me if these are the stock headers?
  10. I need on advice on fixing an exhaust leak.

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Sorry about the vague title, but there was really no way around it as I have a few questions. I recently had long tube headers installed on my car, and it appears I have an exhaust leak (a ticking noise from the exhaust tipped me off). I know that the parts are brand new and it's not likely...
  11. Your mpg's with boss 302 manifold?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hey guys, Before Installation of my boss 302 manifold I was achieving 15.5 mpg averaged according to the ford computer display. After installing the boss 302 manifold and having bama modify the fuel trims on the 93 boss race tune and 93 boss street tune I'm getting anywhere between 13-14 mpg...
  12. 1970 inline 6 cylinder header

    Hi guys, Just purchased a 1970 coupe. All numbers matching, needs a new exhaust manifold. Wondering if I should put a header on, it is a 250 inline 6 cylinder. Saw from Mustangs Unlimited I could put on one with single or a double exhaust outlet. Currently have single exhaust with standard...
  13. Intake manifold 1990 mustang LX 5.0 mild mods

    5.0L Tech
    I have been searching for a while now and can not decide if I have made the right choice or not. I have a 1990 mustang LX convertible 5.0 Mods: advanced timing, bigger radiator (not really sure why), 3.73 gears, flow masters with no cats, CAI, and aftermarket cam. I'm not sure what all has...
  14. Whats the best intake manifold for my setup

    5.0L Tech
    i have a 1990 lx 5.0 and with mods and i want to now what intake manifold will give me the best power? MY MODS: *BBK cold air intake *Shorty headers *Catted x pipe *MSD Distributor *MSD coil *373 gears *Aluminum driveshaft *A/C Delete *Crane Cam ignition box on street tire STOCK...
  15. Cracked manifold...or so I thought..

    V6 Tech
    So I was told I had a cracked manifold...well I went to an exhaust shop and it turns out I have a broken manifold :( I'm getting it fixed tomorrow though! Tires Plus said it was on the passenger side but it was on the driver's side, where I first heard the ticking noise, and they were wrong...
  16. Intake manifold Gaskets

    Classic Tech
    Hello there, I ordered a set of intake gaskets for my new aluminum Edelbrock manifold, (351 C) however the store sent me a pair of exhaust gaskets,anyway, I really want to be able to start the car this weekend, can I make a set of gaskets from gasket sheet stock? If so is there a proper tyype of...
  17. 1996 3.8 Mustang Upper Intake Manifold Vacume line

    V6 Tech
    I me a little confused about the Vacume lines on the upper intake manifold I don't know if I got them right I'll post a picture in just a few mins
  18. Air intake manifold + camshaft sensor

    V6 Tech
    OBD2 code P0340 Camshaft position sensor A - Bank 1 circuit malfunction Where is the camshaft position sensor? And can someone post a picture do there 1994-1998 v6 air intake manifold vacuumed tubes I might have misplaced them in the wrong holes Thanks
  19. 289 Intake Manifold Installation Question

    Classic Tech
    Hi all, long time lurker here and other Mustang sites. I have had the motor out of my car this winter doing some cleaning, painting and (hopefully) stopping some annoying leaks. I have a couple of questions regarding the re-installation of the intake manifold.... What is the preferred method...
  20. Serpentine Belt Squealing...Maybe pulley???

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2000 Mustang GT manual tranny with 147,000 miles. Just the other day I replaced my Intake Manifold due to a coolant leak. I obviously had to remove the belt during the job. Once I was done with everything else I put the serpentine belt back on. It drove nicely the first day. But ever...