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mass air conversion

  1. 88 mustang gt mass air conversion issues with pin 22 and pin 19

    5.0L Tech
    After many months, day's, hours, headaches etc. I have found that with my "unknown" conversion harness the pin 22 (tan/light grn) from my a9l goes straight to black 8 pin connector beside the grey 8 pin and eec test connector on driver's side fender by firewall. The issue is it comes out the...
  2. 1986 Mustang GT upper and lower intake gt40 explorer swap

    5.0L Tech
    have a 1986 gt i recently swaped to gt40 explorer intake,converted to mass air with bbk coldair and 65mm throttlebody and spacer with 19lb injectors. swaped computer to a9l now car starts rough and idles rough and wont stay running any ideas please help.
  3. computer compatibility for mass air swap?

    5.0L Tech
    i have an 88 mustang 5.0, i want to do away with the speed density system. i happened upon a wrecked 93 5.0 and grabbed the ecu and mass air meter out of it, and the wiring kit is in the mail. question: the ecu is marked c3w, will it work in my car? the donor car was automatic and my car is...