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  1. 66 gt misfire at constant speed

    Classic Tech
    Hi all I have a 1966 mustang gt mostly original as my first car I've been driving it a lot recently and just yesterday while driving at any constant speed it misfires. But when I accelerate it's fine I have just put on new cap, rotor, wires and coil. It ran great with the new parts but now it...
  2. P0303 code

    V6 Tech
    I have looked around and cant find another solution so I am hoping someone might know. I have a 94 3.8 mustang. She was running fine and then out of the blue i have a P0303 code. I am overly confused because in the last 2 months I have put in a new cold air intake, fuel filter, fuel pump...
  3. maf 88 throttle body questions

    5.0L Tech
    Hello all. I have a mostly stock 88 gt (except for 2.5 inch pipes, cold air intake, maf conversion), and I'm have missfire problems. The car has ALL new engine control sensors that I've steadily replaced during the 2 years I've owned it. There is a vacuum leak in the throttle body body where the...
  4. Camshaft sensor problems, Please help.

    I have a 2001 v6, the engine is throwing a code(p0340) camshaft position sensor. gass milage is crappy, and it jerks at 2000 to 2500 rpms. I tried a new alternator and new sensor and that didn't work. Please help.
  5. car shakes in nutral at 1700+ rpm

    V6 Talk
    well for awhile i thought i was just getting use to the power , then i drove my friends car and dam , my mustang has lost power. I cant find any loose wires, no arks , no odd sounds just shakes when you have it in nutral above 1700+ rpm. no codes back either, was thinking mabye coil is misfiring...
  6. 1993 Mustang 2.3L 5SPD lx running rough.

    2.3L Tech
    Hi, I currently own a 1993 hatch 2.3 lx (first car). I've put about 25000 km on it since I bought it at the end of August. Recently it has been giving me problems and I can't seem to find what it is. The car seems to intermittently run on 3 cylinders. It has progressively gotten worse over the...
  7. P1131, 3.8 v6, missfire, lead on bank 1,99 mustangP1131 problem

    V6 Talk
    Ok my first mustang,and ive been reading a bunch of good info, 3.8 v6 resufaced head job and up, also new timing chain to go with it, why not, im kepping it. Reading code1131, car stumbles, acts stupid while acelarating, missfire, jerking, couple of vacum leaks im going to fix, if that dont...
  8. Need help diagnosing 2006 mustang gt missfire

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I have a 2006 Mustang gt with 40,000 miles and need help diagnosing misfiring. I recently purchased a Hellion 61mm turbo kit(05-10 Mustang GT Single Turbo System - 350 to 850 HP) and had it installed and tuned as of yesterday. I also have a BBK 62mm throttle body. Pryor to getting it tuned, i...
  9. 3000+rpm missfire,hestitation. Need some advice

    Classic Tech
    ive browsed the forums and searched the forum for the problem but 99% of the post are EGR and MAF related which i dont have. only ones that are close to my setup were never answered when fixed, sadly. I have a 1965 289 block and bottom end, gt40p heads, single plane torker intake, holley 4bbl...
  10. cylinder 3 missfire problem on 1994 Mustang V6?

    V6 Tech
    hi myname is james and i was driving home in my 94 v6mustang 3.8 and i went in the store and came out and when i started the car i realized it was running weird it was really rough and got worse at lower rpms when slowing down. I have since took it to advance and they told me my cam shaft...
  11. 4.6 Engine miss..

    4.6L Talk
    I blew a head gasket in my 98 GT with 4.6 and replaced it with a 4.6 from a Mercury Grand Marquis same 4.6 but from a 95. It seems to run great and getting around 21 mpg but between 60-80 mph it has a miss to the engine. If I unhook the vac line to the EGR valve and plug the line, it runs great...
  12. First time, 2002 Mustang

    Hi everyone, I recently bought my first Mustang for a Chevy dealer (ironic, I know). It had some issues but I got a good deal, 2002 Mustang w/ 59000 - $6600. On my way home it started to miss extremely bad, the air conditioning quit and the service engine soon light came on. I changed the spark...
  13. 2000 Mustang V6 still has a hard miss

    V6 Tech
    Hey, I still can't figure out where the miss is. Can it be the coil pack? It seems to miss in maybe one cylinder. I received a code for a miss in # 1 cylinder. Is there anything else I should look at? I have replaced: Wires, Plugs, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Cleaned Air Temp Sensor. I will...
  14. 2000 Mustang V6 starts to missfire after short rest then restart.

    V6 Tech
    Hi, I have a 2000 Convertible, 3.8 V6... When I first start up and go it runs fine. When I park for a short while (say to going into the store and back out - 15 mins) When I restart it begins to missfire. If I let it rest for a longer time (2 hours) - it acts normal again. It has not been...