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  1. Motor Mounts and pinion angle

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Motor Mounts and pinion angle So in a couple of weeks I am getting together with RoboStang to do the suspension on my 2012 V6 (MT) I have Konis, Steeda Mounts, Adj phb, lca's (and relo bkts), adj uca, SR springs with a 1 1/2" drop, etc. I've been collecting parts...
  2. 1969 Mustang: 6 cylinder 250 motor mount issue

    Classic Talk
    I have a 1969 6 cylinder 250 coupe. I was looking for motor mounts and talked to Kevin at Mustangs Unlimited and he assured me the 200 mounts would not fit and that nobody makes them for the 250. Is this true? He suggested I look in Hemmings under "services" and find someone who will revulcanize...
  3. slight shaking at idle

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys. I drive a 1998 v6 5 speed, nearly bone stock (Cold Air Intake) with 185k miles on it. Every once in a while the car would shake a little at idle, but now it almost always shakes (worse than before) when I'm idling, whether I'm holding the clutch in or sitting in neutral. My idle is...
  4. 1975 motor mounts big problem

    so i have a mustang 2 1975, i had the motor v8 ,302 rebuilt, i took it to the shop personally, and took it out my self, i received her back yesterday and while i was installing the motor the driver side lines up perfectly, but the passenger side is off like 2 inches, it looks like it needs to go...
  5. 1995 base coup with a 1996 3.8 v6 engine

    V6 Tech
    ok so i bought this car awhile back for 150$ cash.. came with ALOT of problems.. got most of them fixed but one thing im having problems with is the motor mounts.. cant figure out if i need the mounts from a 1995 stang or a 1996.. can someone please help me with this
  6. Motor Mount fittment question

    2.3L Tech
    to make a long story short, i have a pair of motor mounts for a 84-86 2.3 mustang. i have an 89 chassis, 91 ranger engine. any way to make these work for me? theyre just slightly off where they need to be. thanks, my brain isnt exactly on 'mustang mode' right now, so i'm drawing a blank.:winks
  7. I can't remove the top transmission bolt, please help!

    4.6L Tech
    Okay guys so I have removed everything for me to drop the transmission on my 1998 mustang cobra. I can't reach the passenger upper transmission bolt. I already dropped the read transmission mount, so the transmission can drop to get more room. I still wasn't able to reach that bolt. Do you...
  8. Pullin' it........

    5.0L Tech
    Can't find info I want in threads already here.... Front cover and all brackets off motor. Headers off motor. Upper intake off motor...Only things holding it in are fuel lines, motor mounts, and transmission mating bolts, am I correct? Question is, pull it with stock t-5 attached, or unbolt...
  9. Motor mounts with rebuild

    Classic Tech
    Ok so there are a couple threads out there about motor mounts, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for, so I'm asking. Total newbie here. I'm doing a rebuild on my 1967 Coupe 289 and my motor mounts don't appear to be cracked at all. What is the criteria for when you should replace your...
  10. 1977 Mustang II

    Hi, I am converting a 1977 Mustang fastback form 4 cyl to V8 and am looking for the right motor mounts??
  11. Motor mount height

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    :?:I have a 12 p/p on order. I plan on putting in a shifter bracket and new motor mount as I believe (hope) it helps with the tranny issues. I look at JHR racing for my probable supplier thanx to Adams thread on the MT-82 and see his mounts you can lower the engine by 1/2" what are advantages...
  12. 1965 Mustang Engine mount spacers for headers

    Hi, I have a 1965 Mustang Coupe with a 289 Edelbrock 4 barrel and tri Y headers. my question is that I have those headers and had to add 7/8" spacers to my motor mounts for clearance with the shock towers. will this effect the level of my engine (front to back) for anything (oil pump and or...
  13. How Much For Mustang II v8 Motor Mounts?

    Mustang II Talk
    what should i expect to pay for the left and right v8 motor mounts for a mustang II and in what condition? ive been watching ebay and craigslist but so few show up that it is hard to tell what they are going for. I know they can get expensive but how bad? Also does it matter if the rubber is in...
  14. 65 New Motor Mount Line-Up Problem

    Classic Tech
    We found a that is in pretty good shape. The car is effectively 100% original. My son and I are in the process of doing minor work on the engine (since most of those parts are original as well). In our 65 Mustang (2D, 289 2bbl, automatic trans ) we are replacing the engine mount which are...