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motor swap

  1. Engine Replacement

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Last week I had some major engine issues. I dropped a valve into the cylinder and tore up my cylinder head and the block as well. Found a cheap low milage doner car on craigslist and I will be doing a swap soon. I have a 2005 Mustang 4.6 (5 speed) and will be swapping it to a 2006 Mustang 4.6 (5...
  2. 2000 GT 4V swapped, no spedometer since swap

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys, so 6 months or so ago I bought a 80,000 mile 4V from a wrecked 99 cobra to swap into my 2000 GT. Love the 4V power, it runs great! For the swap I swapped in the motor, ecu, and wire harness from the Cobra into my GT. Turned PATS off through custom email tune. Kept my T45 from my GT and...
  3. 1976 Mustang II 302 Motor Swap

    Mustang II Tech
    i have a 1976 mustang II with the 140 cu in (2.3 L) and 4spd manual transmition. what would the best year 302 be to swap into my car and what transmition would fit best. what parts will i need to complete this and where can i find the parts? V/R Austin
  4. Motor swap 2000 V6 into 1996 V6

    V6 Talk
    I'm wondering if I can swap the motor in my 1996 V6 for a 2000 V6 motor without any major problems, also what about wire harness issues? Can anyone please help?!?!:(:worship
  5. 1996 Mustang 3.8 engine swap to 2001 3.8

    Bought a 1996 Mustang with bad 3.8 motor, bought a 3.8 motor out of a 2001 Mustang but it didn't come with a intake maniforld. I am not sure what all I am going to need to get it running. I found that my intake off of the 1996 3.8 won't work on the 2001 3.8. Any insight as to what all I may need...
  6. 1997 SVT Cobra Engine help!

    SVT Cobra Tech
    I have most likely "spun a bearing" in my 147,XXX miles 1997 Cobra. I noticed oil pressure problems and grinding noises earlier this year and was heavily advised not to crank it to keep from making things worse. I took it to a shop, and they were going to charge me way too much to pull the oil...
  7. 1995 Mustang 3.8 to 5.0 swap

    V6 Tech
    Ok i have a 1995 3.8L, and a buddy of mine is going to sell me a 5.0 with trans and rear. My question is what else should I replace?
  8. Swapping a 302 from firebird to 94 mustang

    5.0L Tech
    The block in our 94 Mustang is cracked, it's a 3.8, and we have a firebird that isn't running due to exhaust issues, so we're going to try to swap the 302 out of it into the Mustang. Does anyone have any advice/potential problems that we would need to know about before starting? We plan on doing...
  9. engine issuse/rebuild kit

    4.6L Tech
    i have an 02 gt with 88,000 miles, heres the problem. the car has white smoke coming out the tailpipes (start up and operating temp.) i suspect burning oil, the car has no cats and has an EGR code im wondering if this would cause white smoke? or is it engine oil? i have not done a compression...
  10. 1999 Mustang GT - Terminator Motor Swap?

    4.6L Tech
    I was just wondering if i should MOD out my 2V GT motor or Swap it out with a 2003-2004 Cobra motor and trans? Looks like I can get a terminator motor online for around 4-7k (includes tranny) 2003 cobra engine | eBay But what would I need to complete the swap? and how much would the end result...
  11. 5.0 motor swap in to 1955 ford pickup

    5.0L Tech
    Just waning ti see who would know what i would be able to leave out concerning wiring. i have a complete 1989 lx 5.0 to swap all necessary parts over i could make it carburetter but i would love to lift up the hood and see a fuel injected 5.0 but also not be cluttered with wires and electronics...
  12. 289 in Foxbody

    5.0L Tech
    to sum it up i got a killer deal on a 289 2bl with a c4 transmission. i am planing on putting it in a 1992 lx mustang. the mustang has the full 5.0 harness. i was wondering what wires i need for the started, coil, and if i can use the generator or if i should switch to a alternator. thanks
  13. V6 to V8 motor and transmission swap

    4.6L Tech
    I just took the v6 out of my 99 mustang and put in a v8 from a 98 mustang. I also changed the computer, ignition switch, and key matching it all to the 98 motor. Now I have no spark or fuel and the theft light keeps blinking. I've heard if I bypass the alarm it should start, but a locksmith told...
  14. in need of advice

    V6 Tech
    hi mustang world i bought a 94 v6 with a 99 motor in it and it feels like its lagging power when i floor it it feels a little like hesitation its got more power when the pedal is bout an inch above the floor but its still not like it should be i also have a 98 stovk and its got more power i just...
  15. 1996 Mustang Cobra with a motor swap. What heads?

    SVT Cobra Tech
    I am looking to trade my 2001 GT for a 1996 cobra. Now the car had a remanufactured 2004 motor put in it. Now would ford of put the 03-04 tumble port cobra heads on a motor being remanufactured in 2004 or would they have put the original b-heads on it? I'm hoping they put the tumble port ones on...
  16. im new to forum world and need help with 4V swap into 1996 Mustang GT

    4.6L Tech
    i have a 1996 gt and im about to do a 4valve swap. i've got everything.i need to know if my a/c compressor will work,and if the car will run good enough to get it to the shop to have it tuned,and what ever advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Used 2002 Mustang GT motor advise

    4.6L Talk
    Instead of doing the PI Heads and Intake swap I am about to do a complete PI engine swap. Ordered engine today and will arrive 8/23 - 8/27 (there abouts). I am droping this into my 1996 Mustang GT anybody out there done this? It is basically the same block so it should be a swap out (keeping...
  18. 2002 v6 mustang motor swap to 2000 v8 mustang gt motor swap

    4.6L Tech
    I have pretty much everything done on the motor swap. The gt motor, transmission, and rear end are all in. I changed out the wiring in the dash board and got everything hooked up and running. The problem is that it seems like the fuel pump is getting no power. It acted like it was out of gas so...
  19. 5.0L swap in a 2001 gt!

    4.6L Tech
    Has anyone put a 302 in a 2001 gt. Is it a waste of time? I would prefer a push rod motor of the modular 4.6l and I'm just wondering if it's a huge hassle or not?
  20. 1994 Mustang

    hey jw how hard would it be to put a t-bird motor in my 1994 mustang with a 3.8l:scratchchin and im looking at a super charged motor how good of a swap is it to do or should i just drop a v8 in it