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  1. News
    Ford just announced new customer focused changes to its Motorcraft line of OEM parts.  The improvements are focused on delivering a more competitive price structure which should improve parts availability at dealers, distributors and independent repair shops. "We are listening to our customers...
  2. 4.6L Tech
    I have been reading threads on this site and am still not sure what to get. Basically I have read that I have to choose between NGK and Motorcraft. Also all the threads I read were over 2 years old at least. Just want some help choosing. Thanks!
  3. 4.6L Tech
    Today I got a "cylinder 7 to misfire" code on my 2000 GT, so I immediately jumped on it and changed all spark plugs with Motorcraft platinums. After I was done I noticed on the old ones that some were basic Autolites and some were NGK platinums. Also, about 4 of the 8 were covered in NASTY...
  4. 4.6L Tech
    After about 4 hours of reading... I'm more confused now than I was... I'm putting a V3 on my car in the near future and I getting parts together... with 7 to 9 lbs am I safe to go with AGSF-22C gapped at .035 or should I go with the Lightning plug AGSF-12FM1... want to stay with Motorcraft plugs...
  5. Classic Tech
    Hi, I have been looking into running a new motor oil in my Stang's 302 and wanted to know some opinions. How good is Amsoil for this age of engine, its just a 302 with some light mods. Is this a good oil to run in my baby? A lot of my friends use this in their street rods but they are...
  6. Nova Scotia
    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a set of matching Jets for a Motorcraft 2100 carburetor. Or if anyone has an old Motorcraft 2100 carburetor they can part with that will work as well, as I would like to have a parts carb. Ford put these on just about everything like 80's pickups so I know there...
  7. Classic Tech
    Does anyone know where someone can get replacement jets (primary), for a Motorcraft 2100 Carburetor. It's starting to look like finding an old junker pickup and ripping off the carb. Does anyone have any ideas.