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  1. 1998 mustang GT stumbles

    4.6L Tech
    i have a 1998 mustang gt i took the 4.6 two valve motor out and put in a 1998 lincoln mark 8 4.6 four valve motor with 130000 miles on it in it it ran fine for one day till got hot and blew both head gaskets i took it to machine shop had all new valve seals and valves in it it wouldnot run i...
  2. 1999 mustang 3.8l swap for 4.6

    V6 Tech
    hey guys, so basically i have a 1999 3.8 in excellent shape, been well kept and the car is centimental so i am not really interested in selling it to buy a faster mustang. id much rather do an engine swap and just work on this car.. but i have a few questions about putting a 4.6 in -first will...
  3. 4.6 sohc mustang engine install

    4.6L Tech
    i have a 1997 ford mustang gt that needs an engine and transmission, i just bought a 96' parts car with a low mileage motor and transmission. can anyone help me out with taking it out of the 96 and swapping it into the 97? i have a engine hoist and the front end of the 96 is cut off so the...