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  1. Mustang II Tech
    Howdy Y'all, I have been working on bringing a 1975 mustang 2 (2.3 L SOHC with 4 speed manual) back to street legality and one of my last issues is the speedometer. Ever since I got the vehicle the speedometer has not engaged regardless of speed. Is there anything I could try before removing the...
  2. Mustang II Talk
    Well, I am new to this side. Thought I would say hi, show off the new project and have a place to keep updates on. I'll be honest didn't know a lot about the II's and bought it on a whim. When I did the research on them and discovered the various opinion of them, it made me want to do it all...
  3. Mustang II Tech
    Hi everyone! Im new to the forum, and wanted to get some advice from you guys. After a long 3 month search, yesterday I finally purchased my new 1976 Mustang ii. I will include some pictures of it. But I have a couple of important questions. I do not have a lot of experience so Im looking for...
  4. Mustang II Tech
    I am getting a 1978 king cobra with t-tops. However I need to wake up that slow 302. What bolt ons are the best bang for your buck
  5. Mustang II Tech
    My exhaust needs work, and i'd like a deul but the gas tanks in the way, but how i see it i could go back and then just turn have two mufflers then one tailpipe out each side in front of the rear wheels but behind the doors, what do ya think?
  6. Mustang II Talk
    Hey before i put my mustang ii away for winter i realized that the little chrome lever that controls the front seat to lean foward to let someone in was limp and did nothing, im guessing a sping went, any idea on how to fix or where to start, i didnt wanna just start taking the seat apart...
  7. Mustang II Talk
    need help deciding if white with blue striped, like a cobra ii, will fit with my current pale yellow or cream interior? ive included two photos of my car now and a quick photoshop mock up of one with white exterior and a blue stripe for reference
  8. Mustang II Tech
    Hi I am new to this forum and I need to know if any company sells exhaust headers for a 74 mustang II with a 351c. The person I bought it from put the engine in it and changed everything for it to work and had to make custom exhaust headers, but recently I had to rebuild the engine and I had to...
  9. Mustang II Talk
    its obvious to everyone that the american version of top gear is just awful in comparison to the BBC version, not as funny, outrageous, or inventive. But today i watched an episode that just plain pissed me off. Season 2 episode 16, titled worst cars, claims that the worst car, or as they say...
  10. Mustang II Tech
    I cannot find anything that will tell me where you could originally get speakers in the mustang ii, other than the doors and the dash, there are two doors in the trunk that can be taken off but are four by four which is not a size for any speakers and have no slots for sound to come out of you...
  11. Mustang II Talk
    Anyone know what chrome bumbers fit best on the mustang ii? other than the 66 mustang, i thought maybe a maverick or capri. thanks
  12. Mustang II Talk
    Ive seen some pictures of mustang iis with a thin strip of chrome that fits abouve the wheels on the body, does anyone know where i could find some and if they were an option or not originally? Thanks
  13. Mustang II Tech
    having recently purchased a 76 mustang ii i began noticing that i could hear the car missing, rpms dropped for a moment and then back to normal, after looking at the engine i found two places that are sucking air next to the air filter, i didnt know what they were doing there and plugged them...
  14. Mustang II Tech
    Having bought a 76 mustang ii last month i was wondering how to go about making it produce more horse power and drive better, where can i get the best aftermarket parts and whats the easiest place to begin. Its got a v6 with an auto tranny by the way. Thanks to anyone who can help
  15. Mustang II Talk
    I own a cream colored 1976 mustang ii with a matching cream interior. this color is fine but i really want to get a white and blue cobra ii paint job, the only problem is the interior color, does anyone know if cream would match what i would like? if not any colors that would? thanks
  16. New Member Introductions
    I recently bought a mustang ii with a creme "6P" with a creme vinyl interior. which is fine but id like a color that would stand out more and would love the white and blue cobra ii the only problem is the interior, i have no clue what colors would match the interior. also the cheapest way to get...
  17. Mustang II Tech
    i have a 1976 mustang II with the 140 cu in (2.3 L) and 4spd manual transmition. what would the best year 302 be to swap into my car and what transmition would fit best. what parts will i need to complete this and where can i find the parts? V/R Austin
  18. Mustang II Talk
    i have become very desperate in finding the front piece that goes under the front bumper and bolts to the radiator... If anyone has any info on where i can get one of these please let me know
  19. Mustang II Tech
    i am putting a 347 stroker in my mustang II, and i'm having oil pan clearance issues at the steering rack. any suggestions? or know where i can locate a pan?? -Thanks!!!
  20. Mustang II Tech
    I'm putting a 347 stroker into my mustang II, and as with any custom jobs, am having trouble finding an oil pan to fit over the rack. Does anyone have any suggestions on what oil pan i can use and where i can find one. Summit racing has come up dry on this. i find it very hard to believe that...
1-20 of 65 Results