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neutral safety switch

  1. Help me please!!!

    5.0L Tech
    89 mustang gt 5 SPEED 302 i think its an sn95 engine because it needed a starter and the foxbody starter was different then the one i took off it had less wires then mine so not sure if its sn95 or foxbody 302 ok so the problem is when i put it in gear 5 speed car the idle rises up to 2 grand...
  2. 1965 Mustang Neutral Safety Switch Issue

    Classic Tech
    Haven't quite seen this issue in the forum. We have restored a 1965 Mustang coupe with a 289 engine and c-4 transmission. I replaced the neutral safety switch (nss) when we put her back together. We've been driving it for a couple weeks and everything has been fine. Today we tried to start...
  3. Car wont start- 1983 mustang turbo gt 2.3l 5 speed

    2.3L Tech
    I'm not familiar with fords and I recently was given a 1983 mustang turbo gt with the 2.3 and 5 speed transmission and it wont turn over. It will turn over if I jump the starter relay(which I know isnt good) but It wont turn over if I use the key in the ignition.I think it's the neutral safety...
  4. 1965 v289 Neutral Switch Replacement

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, Im am in need of some help with replacing the neutral safety switch on my '65 mustang. The car had been garaged for 14 years and I was given it on my 19th b-day about a month ago now. As expected there have been some problems with it as its breaking in again as I drive it around. One...