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  1. New member and relatively new 67 Coupe Mustang owner

    Hi All! Glad to have joined this forum and also glad to be a proud owner of a 67 coupe which is still in pieces, back from the panel shop after getting it resprayed the original dark moss green colour, and now the joys of putting it together.. It sucks how much more expensive parts are here in...
  2. Happy new owner!!

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hi guys I just bought my first Mustang! :bounce2: I'm not exactly new to forum but my posts have only been about finding car, and I finally have. Here she is:
  3. Bought a 1966 Mustang in Orange County. I May Be Crazy.

    Classic Tech
    Hello, I'm Adam and I bought a 1966 coupe this morning. It's a LOT rougher around the edges than I wanted, but I get impulsive when I'm excited. Plus, it was in my budget... although, after all the work it needs, a nicer specimen might have been a better route to go. I was initially pretty...
  4. 1966 V6 Mustang Manual Steering Tie Rod Help

    New Mustang owner. Just bought a 1966 V6 a few weeks back. Always wanted one, finally pulled the trigger and want to learn as I go. Certainly a beginner so would appreciate any help. Car needed new front tie rods (both inner and outer). The guy I brought the car to put the right tie rods on the...
  5. 1998 gt rod knocking?

    4.6L Talk
    Started to hear a knocking noise coming from cylinder 7 or 8 when the rpm's get around 2 or 3 thousand. The knocking will not go away until i shift to the next gear. Hopefully it's not a rod knock but I think it is. If so is there anyway that this can be fixed simply by making an adjustment or...
  6. New to Site - First Mustang Owner

    Hello! New to the mustang site and looking forward to seeing mustangs from all around! This is my first mustang and have already made some mods to the front and rear badges. Please feel free to give feedback and ideas!
  7. New 2004 Mustang GT owner in Raleigh, NC

    Just wanted to say hello and greetings to all. Last week I became the proud owner of a 2004 GT Mustang. I acquired the car with 55,000 miles flat and a Manuel transmission. Hope to be an active member and learn as much as I can to further my knowledge on cars. Thank you, Jeff
  8. New Owner of 2007 Mustang GT

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey guys. I was wondering if any of you would be kind enough to impart any advice on me for the mustang I bought a couple weeks ago. Nothings wrong with it (and I hope it stays that way for a while), but I was wondering what tips anyone might have for maintaining appearance, problems anyone...
  9. New owner of 1968 Mustang, with a leaking carburetor, Hello Everyone

    Classic Tech
    Hi I'm new to the site, and very grateful for it, I know I will be using this place a lot since I like to work on the car. It is a '68 Acapulco Blue Mustang. 289 engine. This car was actually my dad's car. He let me drive it through high school and some of college, along with my two other...
  10. 1966 Mustang Full Remodel Project

    Classic Tech
    I just purchased a 1966 mustang coupe and my brother suggested that I enroll in a legitimate forum to get help from other mustang owners with my remodeling project. The interior and bones of the car are in great shape but everything else is stock. I plan on doing a full remodel to it's original...
  11. Just bought a 1967 Mustang 351 Windsor, C6 3 speed

    Hi everyone! I just bought my first classic car: Mustang Coupe, 351 Windsor, C6 Trans 3 Speed with a "9 posi-traction rear end. I have some pictures too. Yeah I know it needs some body/engine work but I couldn't pass up the $5,400 price tag! The thing is, I'm very new to classic cars and have...