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    Alright the age old questions, who's the best? what manufacture(s) are the best for aftermarket 2012 5.0 parts from new suspension to new seat covers i'd like to hear everyone's thoughts. also who was the absolute worst you've ever dealt with. Have fun
  2. 5.0L Talk
    I have a 1994 gt it has stock cam intake heads and valve covers I need new valve springs. First of all what spring kit should I buy? Next I want to buy new roller rockers I'm on a budget so what one should I get I don't want to spend more then 200 on the rollers if I can. I am also going to buy...
  3. Classic Tech
    I have a 1966 coupe with a c code 289. It has a rod bearing going out and needs a rebuild. I would like to give the motor a little more power (no more than 100 more hp) without spending too much. Assuming the metal is in good condition, would it be more realistic to use whatever parts I have and...
  4. Classic Tech
    Hey everyone, i was wondering where i could get a cheap 289ci v8, nothing special, just one i can fix up, and still use my old engine in the process. i will probably eventually overhaul the other one, but i need to have an engine in my car so i can drive it. I own a 1965 Mustang.