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  1. 1984 Mustang Restoration Project

    Hello Mustang owners and fans. I'm going to be completely honest, I am new to mustangs and fords all together. This is my first restore on my own. I'm 22 years young and felt that it was time to do something worth doing. I am going either this Thursday or Sunday and buying my first Ford... its...
  2. 2006 Mustang

    hey guys! my name's micah...i've been on this site plenty of times to see what everyone has to say and finally decided to join! well on that note, I just bought a 2006 mustang 4.0L...not the v8 unfortunately, but due to gas and being a college student the 4.0 is what I went with! I am ready to...
  3. New to the site but an old mustang lover ,2001 Mustang GT

    Hello all!! I have had 3 cars in my life and all 3 have been mustangs...GTs. The latest one I bought new in 2001 and it is still running but it is starting to have some small maintenance issues. I found this site while trying to change the thermostat...a normally very easy repair but it turns...
  4. Hi all from central texas 2000 Mustang

    Hi all, new to the site A baby boomer here raised in west Texas. I bought myself a 2000 Mustang GT Conv., and love it. About 2 years ago I have developed a problem--I say it is in the wiring hornass but Ford says no. The specker in the passanger door crackles when i put the car into gear...