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  1. Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration Car Show in NY

    Mid Atlantic
    The Adirondack Shelby-Mustang Regional Club presents the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration All Mustang Car Show, July 19, 2014 at "Halfmoon Town Park” Athletic Fields in Halfmoon, New York. Come on out and have some fun! There will be live music, awards, door prizes and raffles throughout the...
  2. Car Photographer in NYC

    Mid Atlantic
    To all of you NY and Tri-State 'stangers: I'm a photographer based out of New York City, and I specialize in shooting cars. Seriously. My main job is working for an automotive auction house and I've also shot a ton of cars for cruising groups in the area. Its what I do for a living and I love...
  3. ROCHESTER NY classic mustang owners

    Classic Talk
    I have a 68 that is in need of a paint job. I need to know what shops are good at classic cars around Rochester NY. If you have had your mustang done and would recommend a shop, or likewise had a bad experience with a shop please share it here! What is important is quality and price so please...
  4. Do you drive in the snow?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    As I wrote in another post, I've just ordered a 2011 V6 Pony convertible, 6-speed manual, "ingot silver," black top, black rocker panel stripes, on March 5. Have been waiting about 5 years to do this, since I first rented a Cologne-V6 convertible in southern California. VERY EXCITED . . . But...
  5. Clubs In Rochester

    Mid Atlantic
    Hey I'm from rochester Ny and i noticed that we're pretty much the only city without a mustang club?? Most of my friends have mustangs and none of them are in a club and are generally not happy about it. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in the NY area to start one? maybe justa...
  6. Tire discounts to members of / New swap project looking for tips and tricks

    Ive been reading threads on this site for a long time and being a mechanic and shop owner, it seems as thought the majority of the informaiton passed along from member to member is right on the money, so i thought id give it a go! My buddy and i have a 1995 automatic gt and a stock 1989 motor...
  7. NY Dyno Day!

    Mid Atlantic
    Hey guys:wavey my name is Danny im from Queens NY and me and a bunch of friends have a little club that weve been apart of for a lil while and I just wanna spread the word that we are having a dyno day at a shop that we will be sponsored by very soon. the dyno will be held on a saturday in...