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no fuel pressure

  1. 2000 mustang lx convertible with 3.8 won't start.

    V6 Tech
    So.. I have spent a good few days trying to source out this problem with no avail. I have a 2000 ford mustang, with a 3.8 liter engine parked in my garage, and as my summer car, I only start it ever couple of weeks. Unfortunately, It's winter and we have been in a serious cold snap. So.. I...
  2. 2002 mustang GT 5 speed won't start no fuel pressure

    4.6L Tech
    sorry guy, i know this has been posted 100 times before and i've dug and dug and dug through the forums on this. my 02 gt wont start and doesn't have fuel pressure. i KNOW the issue is either with PATS or with the fuel switch in the trunk (which has been reset). i've swapped relays and such and...
  3. 2001 Mustang GT, Rough Idle, Loss of Power, Bucking. Please Help! Site Problem and Bug Reports
    I hope im posting this in the right place, im new and dont really know what im doing. Ok well, my mustang has been running very rough for a while now. It almost sounds like it has a cam in it at the idle. It sounds like its misfiring, but no code is being thrown, i do have a P0161 being thrown...
  4. 93 mustang GT eec relay

    5.0L Tech
    Where is the eec relay? Not in the passenger side kick panel anywhere, is it possible to not have one or it be under the driver side dash because i saw a relay there. Any ideas would be great, thanks
  5. No fuel pressure 1998

    4.6L Tech
    About 6 months ago I had the fuel pump replaced on my 1998 Mustang. It only has 39K miles and had caused me exactly "zero" problems since the day I brought it home. About two months ago, after sitting for about a week on a slight uphill slant, the car wouldn't start... sounding like it...