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  1. Video of my 1993 5.0 Mustang LX (notchback)

    5.0L Talk
    Whats guys (girls, if any) I have a short video of 1993 5.0 Mustang Notch. 93 5.0 Mustang LX - YouTube Thanks for watching. -Tim
  2. Black 03 cobra wheels

    5.0L Tech
    whats up guys just got some 03 black cobra wheels for a notch mustang. the car needs paint and i am kinda stuck on a color. i was thinking a Pearl white all around but i want something that's a little different. something that sticks out. im open to any color really except black. Thank! oh and...
  3. Newbe with 1987 Mustang Notch

    newbe suxs but it happens whats up people:smoke:
  4. 1983 Mustang GLX 5.0 Notch. Daily driver or should I add some HP?

    I was lucky to find a 1983 Mustang GLX Notchback with a 5.0 motor with just under 100K miles. It was in great condition and everything was original except for the normal things that get replaced. I bought it to use as a daily driver so I had the engine pulled, painted, valves adjusted, and all...
  5. How Is The LX Lighter Than The GT?

    5.0L Talk
    ok i hav been hearing this for awhile and i was wonder how. unless they are talking about the notchback over hatch. what else would make a gt heavier if they were both hatchbacks? plastic dont weigh that much or does it?