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odometer stopped working

  1. Odometer, Tripometer, and ecu question

    V6 Talk
    About a week or two ago both my Odometer and Tripometer stopped working. I plan on fixing it very soon (once it stop's being +105 outside!). In a few months I will have to take my car in for its safety and emissions inspection. Does the ecu track the miles driven? And if it does is there a way...
  2. Clicking Speedometer/Broken Odometer

    Classic Tech
    Recently the speedometer in my 1966 coupe started clicking every second or two depending on the car's speed. The needle goes to the proper speed and stays there until it clicks; when it clicks, the needle jumps 5 mph before going back to where it was. Ever since this happened the odometer has...
  3. 1999 v6 mustang odometer problems

    V6 Tech
    i'm having problems with my odometer working all the time. when i turn my car on there are times were the odometer doesn't come on, and there are other times where it comes on when i turn my car on but it turns off when i start driving. it doesn't doit all the time but its still a problem i'm...
  4. 1996 Cobra odometer and trip odometer stopped turning this morning...

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Yesterday as I was driving home, I noticed I was a couple of miles short of hitting 82,500 on the odo. I always seem to notice when I hit thousand mile increments on the odo (even though this was a 500 mile increment). When I got out of the car, the odometer was reading 82,500 miles and the...
  5. 1988 Mustang Speedometer and Odometer

    5.0L Tech
    I just got the car a week ago, Neither the speedometer or the Odometer works but everything else in the instrument cluster works. What in the world can i do to get these two working again? Is it just as simple as changing the odometer gear? or is there more to it?
  6. 1998 mustang 4.6

    4.6L Talk
    I am fairly new