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  1. 2011-2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hello. Recently, I had my oil changed from 5W-20 to 5W-40. This was done with the advice from the shop, since I seem to have issues with oil pressure (it's low). I live in a colder climate, and the mechanics emphasized that this would be a good idea to do, long-term - I have to admit, I know...
  2. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I changed my oil last summer and only drove roughly 1K miles before I unexpectedly had to park the car, and haven't driven it since. I'm going to be getting the car back on the road, hopefully, and am wondering if the Royal Purple synthetic that I have in the car is still good.
  3. 2011-2014 Mustang GT Tech
    Needing some help ladies and gents. Should i do the oil change myself or take it to a "professional". Also what brands should i be considering and i guess finally should i go with recommended 5w-20 or should i be considering something else, thanks in advance!
  4. 2011-2014 Mustang GT Tech
    I just did my first oil change WTF! The filter is behind a shroud with three 8mm screws that MAY OR MAY NOT fall off the shroud and the filter is at a weird angle. the back of the shroud is hinged permanently so you cannot push a floor oil drip pan under it the only pan that fits there is the...
  5. Classic Tech
    Ok, real noob question here... What is the oil capacity of a 5.0 (302) that I pulled out of a 91 F150 for the 65? I had assumed, what with the blocks being identical and all, that the capacity would remain the same as the 289 at 5 quarts, including filter. However, when i went to double check...
  6. 2011-2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    So I just got my new 2012 V6(base, auto, kona blue) for two days and it had 11 miles when I bought it. I've heard about breaking in a new car, like I shouldn't take it hard in the first 100 miles or so and I pretty much followed it by not exceeding 2000 RPM. But I just couldn't hold on driving...
  7. 2011-2014 Mustang GT Tech
    My last oil change with 8 quarts of synthetic blend cost $88. After research, I found that the mixture of regular oil to full synthetic oil is 3 to 1 to achieve the same synthetic blend. On the GT, that means I can attain the exact ratio by using 6 qts regular 5w20 and 2 qts 5w20 full synthetic...
  8. Classic Talk
    hey guys i need help finding where the tranny oil is located it hasnt been changed since i remember where do you drain and where do you refill ? thanks
  9. 5.0L Tech
    I bought a used 89 automatic 5.0. In well kept condition. I have not put many km on it. 3000? Oil level reads normal, full. In Summer 2010 I did an oil change. Only 1L of oil came out. 4.4L went in. The dip stick was then about 3" higher than the full mark. Summer 2011, I get the car out for...
  10. Classic Tech
    I am doing my first oil change on our 66 Ford Mustang coupe. It's a 200ci. How much oil will be required? Thanks for any help you can give,Don
  11. 5.0L Tech
    My new motor has 500 miles on the new motor so its time for an oil change, I got a new what kind of oil should I put in it right now it has SAE-30 in it. what is my best bet for oil? p.s. Im about 5300 ft. above sea level...
  12. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    Hi, My name is Michael, I recently bought a 1988 Mustang Gt 5.0L Convertible, with 73,000 miles on all parts. Brang new paint job, clutch replacement, new tranny, and some basic mods. The original owner is a good friends brother in law who just bought a 05' Viper, so his wife made him get rid of...
  13. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    i have a 5speed 2006 mustang GT that has a little over 38k miles, i have a C&L intake in it with the BAMA 97 performance tune in it,i dont beat my car often i usually just cruise in it, i baby the car when it comes to the oil changes:worship, i always use the best and get it changed every 3 to...
  14. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    im a little overdue for an oil change and had a question before i went ahead i got it done. is there any sort of performance gain with a ford racing filter and royal purple oil or any different oil for that matter?
  15. V6 Tech
    Hi, Im not sure if Im at the right spot but maybe someone can help me. My sister wants me to do an oil change on her Mustang. I bought 5W-20 FULL SYNTHETIC oil and it calls for 5W-30 PREMIUM SYNTHETIC oil. Im wondering if this will affect her car in anyway. I have heard great things about you...
  16. 2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey guys.Has anyone heard of a topside oil changer?It's this device that pumps the oil out through the dipstick area using vacuum instead of having to get under the car and un-bolting.I've read good reviews,and might consider it,since I stripped some threads last oil change.So has anyone ever...
1-16 of 17 Results