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oil problem

  1. 2002 Mustang GT turbo oil problem

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys, I'm Chris, and I have a 2002 gt with a remote mount journal bearing precision turbo 76 trim. Before u give me Hell about the remote mount config. ( I'm sorry). Ok so I bought an exa pump for the return line which is an 8an line. The feed line has a filter, and no restrictor and its a...
  2. oil pump is out i think

    5.0L Tech
    ok so i think the oil pump is out.. i was hearing a squeaking sound from what i thought was the valvetrain.. so i tore it apart ported the e7's had them reworked, bought a new cam, bought new lifters.. so now come to find out i have an oiling problem... im guessing since its this bad the...
  3. smoke coming out of my 1996 Mustang cobra

    SVT Cobra Talk
    ok, so i was in a minor fender bender i just needed to replace the headlights and the header panel on my 96 cobra and i finally got everything done today and went to go do some errands and when i would speed up or stop i'd notice in my rear view smoke coming out of the exhaust. i checked the oil...