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over heat

  1. Frustrated with my 2011 Mustang V6

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hello! I got my first Mustang this past New Years Eve. A 2011 V6 Premium in Race Red. I am a lifelong Mustang fanatic and love my car which I have dubbed "Jess" after Zooey Deschanel's character on the show New Girl. Unfortunately I have had a few issues with my girl. Recently she overheated and...
  2. 1996 cobra 4.6, over heating problem

    SVT Cobra Talk
    hey guys i have a 96 cobra and im just stating to get into cars. i know very basic engine mechanics so please be specific. when im driving my car the temp gauge will slowly climb. if i put it in neutral and coast it will go back down to normal. if im stopped it will also cool down. the fan...
  3. 1991 mustang help overheating problem

    Hi i have a 1991 mustang 5.0 thats having a little overheating problem it. So when im driving on the city the gauge gets about 2 more lanes than half way when im driving on the freeway it gets stays at halfway and does not overheat. I jus recently did the 90k service it i changed the timing...
  4. 1990 5.0 Mustang water in the oil

    5.0L Tech
    Here is how it started; My mustang started to overheat exhaust in the cooling system. Took the heads off could see where the gasket gave out between cylinders 2 & 3. I had the heads shaved and inspected for cracks and now I put the engine back together but I have water in the oil now after test...