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  1. accessorie vs crank,.. pulley diameters

    5.0L Talk
    I'm pretty sure I have a cast iron Cleveland or Falcon water pump glued on to my 1979 302 timing cover! This thread should probably be moved to the 5.0 section
  2. 1968 Mustang AOD throttle question

    Classic Tech
    Hello All, I am working on getting a parts list together to perform the AOD swap. I know I am going to go with the Lokar TV cable but I have read so many different opinions and "facts" online that I have gotten myself confused. My questions are, Can I keep my stock Throttle rod and use that...
  3. Bama Tune - Adjusting Shift Points and Overdrive

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I've been very disappointed with the way my automatic transmission shifts, both from the factory and after loading my BAMA tune, so I've been playing around with adjusting my shift points by contacting BAMA and talking it over with them on the phone. This has definitely been a huge improvement...
  4. 5R55S - Automatic Transmission Issues?

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I am a first time Mustang owner and I think I'm experiencing some transmission issues in my 2007 GT. I bought the car back in March of this year with 87k miles on it. It ran great, aside from some suspension issues, but being a former mechanic and growing up working on cars, I didn't worry...
  5. 96' mustang code p1443 and od off light blinking.

    4.6L Tech
    Hello! So here's the story. I bought this mustang about a week ago and the car checked out. It drove home smoothly but right before i pulled into my driveway the o/d off light blinked a couple times. No chokes or slips at the time. I pulled the codes and replaced the egr valve, egr pressure...
  6. AOD guys - Have you checked your TV cable lately???

    5.0L Talk
    Last summer, I found out the hard way what the throttle valve cable does and what can happen when it is disconnected. For those who don't know, the TV cable connects the throttle body to the transmission to vary valve pressure and change the shifting characteristics based on what the car is...
  7. 1999 v6 3.8 transmission trouble

    I bought a 1999 mustang and it had some transmission problems, when I bought it I was told the overdrive didn't work but all I needed was a new mass air flow sensor, so I took the bait. But to make a long story short I pulled the transmission rebuilt it rebuilt the valve body and replaced all...
  8. 1994 Mustang Over drive button missing

    V6 Talk
    I have a 1994 Mustang 3.8 V6, and I noticed where the Overdrive button is. is only a hole with a wire at the bottom. My question would I go to my Ford dealership to get this fixed or will I order this from somewhere? and wondering if its important to get this fixed. it only came on once. i...
  9. O/D Light Flashing with DTC Trouble Codes

    V6 Tech
    This is a repost to one of my other threads a while back but last time I didn't have the DTCs. I wanna say that I still don't have any problems with the car other than the idle varies from about 600rpm to 900rpm when the light flashes(it had done it since this started). I just took off my tune...
  10. O/D Light Flashing with DTC Trouble Codes

    V6 Tech
    This is a repost but last time I didnt have the trouble codes posted. First off I wanna say I still don't have any problem with the car other then when the O/D light starts flashing the idle starts varying from about 600rpm to about 900rpm but other than that it runs fine. I just took the tune...
  11. 1993 Mustang 2.3l wont go into overdrive

    2.3L Tech
    Hi everyone, Im new to the site but I just bought this 93 2.3l automatic and the transmission works great in all gears except it will not go into overdrive so at highway speeds the RPMs are around 3500 instead being around 2500. What could be the cause of this and what should I be looking at to...
  12. 1991 Mustang GT OD isn't Working

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 91 Mustang GT V8 auto Transmission With Shift Kit But Now My Overdrive Isn't Working. All other gears are. when I put my Car in OD It will go 20-25 MPH then It will just Rev up the RPM's. Aint got enough Cash Saved yet to Buy a New tranny and Shift kit.. Any Idea's If I need a New...
  13. 2001 Mustang Transmission related.

    V6 Tech
    Okay, this is a lot of info so bear with me. My transmission is an AODE from the 2001 convertible models. My problems started when I started hearing a CLUNK! after shifting from Neutral, into Reverse. Then, while going back you could hear a loud whine that turned into a high-pitched whine the...
  14. Problem with overdrive, CAR WONT RUN GOOD

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    So before i went on vacation about almost three weeks ago the morning of departing i turned on my car just to go to the gas station and my overdrive wont turn i guess you should say off..meaning im running with it on and its all jerky and high rpms until it switches gear...i have no idea whats...
  15. 2001 Mustang GT-Auto O/D (Overdrive) button on shifter, but no overdrive?

    4.6L Tech
    So I bought my '01 GT a little over a month ago. It is basically the fully loaded edition equipped with leather seats, mach sound system, auto transmission, and whatever came with the top of the top. Anyway, I was wondering what the button was under the shift button and saw that it was the O/D...
  16. 1965 Mustang, Overdrive Issue, Please Help!

    Classic Tech
    I was driving my 1965 mustang down the highway earlier this morning and decided to put it in overdrive, when i did so the engine's RPM went way up and my speed was about the same. It would stilll drive, but overdrive is not supposed to be a "gas guzzler". I don't know what's going on if someone...
  17. 1991 Mustang overdrive problem

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1991 Mustang GT with AOD Transmission and 3.73 rearend gear (with correct speedometer gear also). When the car is cold it shifts first through overdrive perfectly. When the car is warmed up it shifts great first through drive but to get in overdrive you must let off the gas completely...
  18. 1994 Mustang Automatic Transmission Overdrive Problem !

    V6 Tech
    Hey Everyone, I got a 1994 Mustang with an automatic transmission with overdrive and the car is on the original motor/tranny with 270,000 miles but surprisingly still runs. The problem that I am having is the car won't go over 40 mph with the overdrive on, all it will do is rev but not go any...
  19. How do I turn off traction control on a 2005 mustang?

    V6 Talk
    I have a 2005 automatic v6 mustang and there is no button to turn traction control on/off on the dashboard. Do I have traction control? And if I do can I turn it off? And while I'm at it, would turning overdrive off help a burnout?
  20. pulleys and t-lok

    V6 Tech
    I've been trying to decide on my next mod so i was looking into a t-lok and/or pulley's. so i was wondering if anybody had any advice on which one to do or both. and if so if anybody knew a a good place or good ones to get it would be greatly appreciated?...also i was reading on here and some...