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  1. My attempt at painting

    4.6L Talk My 2002 Ford Mustang Primed and Painted Black with Duplicolor Paint Shop Finish System and added red stripes next I will wet sand with high grit sandpaper and finish off with Duplicolor Matte Clear Coat as soon as I do I will post the Update!
  2. New Toy Project 2002 V6

    Plan on a lot more just had to stop due to weather but check out my progress so far and recommendations welcome! Mustang Project!:
  3. Mustang 65 Matching Color Problem.

    Classic Talk
    I'm from Poland, and I need help guys. I bought Mustang 65 two years ago and its nearly done, but I have one problem with matching paint color. I saw this mustang 65 when I was 14 and I loved it !!!. But I do not know what paint code is it. I think Ford 2002 French Blue, but it seems a little...

    Hi Everyone: I'm about to move for my job from the Seattle area to the Atlanta area (Alpharetta, GA ). I have a 1967 coupe I'm going to need re-painted in the next year...any recommendations for a body shop? Looking for something quality, not something fast & cheap like Maaco. Willing to...
  5. 1966 Mustang Paint, Body, and Interior help?

    Classic Tech
    Lets start of with this; I am 17 and have not had my 1966 mustang straight 6, manual 3 speed, coupe long. The person i bought it from did not inform me on all these problems I'm finding, so I am kind of stressing over this and need some help and opinions. The guy that had my car before me put...
  6. 2002 Mustang V6 3.8 paint flaking off

    Hello Everyone, I just purchased a 2002 Mustang v6 3.8 convertible. I noticed two small spots on the hood that had flaked off the hood revealing the primer. I also found a couple spots on the rear bumper. Later I ran into the previous owner, and asked about the paint issue, and the lady...
  7. Cost of a new paint job for 2001 mustang

    Hi everybody, I have a black 2001 v6. I have just recently bought it and I would like to get it repainted. Nothing fancy, I just want it repainted Ford stock black. it has some scratches and fading in the paint. Does anybody know how much this could cost? Browny
  8. Fox Body Door Molding Paint Issues

    Show & Shine
    I am restoring a 1989 LX Vert and am having a small problem with the side moldings. The plastic molding that bolts on has not been an issue, it is the rubber molding that is giving me the fits. All the molding is already removed and I am prepping it for primer then to be repainted after we...
  9. Paint Shop Long Beach California Area

    Classic Tech
    Not sure if this should go in tech or talk, anyhow anyone have a recommendation on a Long Beach/Southern California paint shop? Looking for something decent for a 1967 Mustang. Small budget of 3-4,000. Thanks!
  10. Engine bay project

    Classic Tech
    Hey folks. So I just pulled the engine and tranny from my '67 Coupe and I'm working on stripping the engine compartment. Before I get going on the project I thought I'd run my plan by some folks who have some experience and see if I have any flaws in the plan. I have two plans, so I'm curious...
  11. Looking for touch up paint.

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I have a 2006 Ford Mustang GT. The color code is T8 which is called tungsten. I am looking for the brush on touch up paint. I called Dupli-Color and they don't make it. The closest they have is T7 which is a charcoal gray. Anyone have any options for me? Thanks.
  12. Roush spoiler and quarter window install

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I just finished up painting and installing the Roush spoiler and quarter window covers. A little word of advice to all of you do it yourselfers. Order these things pre-painted if you can, or at least send it to a paint shop to get done. After $800 in painp and supplies and a week of Vaca time...
  13. Looking for Recommendations for Painter near Lancaster PA

    Mid Atlantic
    Yeah, bonus time coming. I think I will have the $$'s to get car painted. I am thinking of doing Ghost Flames along with the base Sonic Blue. I did the engine bay myself and have all the paint, just need an artist to finish the body. Anybody have some shops they recommend around Lancaster PA...
  14. Painting Exterior Textured Plastics

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    So I recently Sold my 2005 Mustang and was planning on buying a new 2011, however one thing I HATE about the new model is how much textured plastic is on the exterior, rocker panel covers, front bumper chin, rear valence, all cheap looking black plastic. I was told that this plastic could not be...
  15. 1996 Mustang Convertible. Looking for paint job info.

    Oh, hi. Well, I'm new here. I guess I've had my 1996 Mustang Convertible for about ten years now. It's Electric Red and I recently replaced the tan colored rag top. I want to fix it up a little, especially now that I have a new top. It's a 3.8L V6. I recently put a CIA in and installed...
  16. Paint transfer to my car. Need help removing it.

    Show & Shine
    I was so mad when i got out of class today. I walked out to my car and on the right side of the car i notice a long black line across my car. My mustang is yellow so black is extremely visible. The streak is at about the height of my side mirrors so i assume it was made by another car's mirror...
  17. Advice on paint job for my 1967 Mustang coupe

    Classic Talk
    I need some advice as to what paint job to do on my 67 coupe. I know I am having it painted dark blue and am going to do a custom paint job on it, but that is were I need help, I have two ideas. The first is to have the mustang emblem painted on the side in blues that are a couple of shades...
  18. a few paint care questions

    Show & Shine
    first off i was turning around and there was a small pipe sticking out of the ground and my bumper grazed and not my bumper has a like a foot long scratch on it.. it is not too bad but it is enough to annoy me i didnt even feel it scratch.. is there anything i can do to fix it beside go to a...
  19. HELP!!!-Looking For Paint & Body Shop in San Antonio, TX

    Classic Tech
    66 Mustang daily driver - Looking for a good and affordable paint and body shop in San Antonio, TX. Not looking for show quality, just good quality work and paint. Any suggestions and help are greatly appreciated.