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paint chip

  1. Primer for paint chip on door

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I have a paint chip in my passenger door about the size of a quarter that I would like to touch up myself. The chip is down to the bare metal and I am not quite sure what primer /sealer to use? Some posts say to use the spray primer and feather it into the old paint, while other recommend not...
  2. Paint transfer to my car. Need help removing it.

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    I was so mad when i got out of class today. I walked out to my car and on the right side of the car i notice a long black line across my car. My mustang is yellow so black is extremely visible. The streak is at about the height of my side mirrors so i assume it was made by another car's mirror...
  3. a few paint care questions

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    first off i was turning around and there was a small pipe sticking out of the ground and my bumper grazed and not my bumper has a like a foot long scratch on it.. it is not too bad but it is enough to annoy me i didnt even feel it scratch.. is there anything i can do to fix it beside go to a...