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paint colors

  1. Stick with original Sauterne Gold paint on '66 GT?

    Classic Tech
    Okay, seeking opinions here... I have a '66 GT deluxe coupe and am trying to figure out if I should stick to originality and paint it the original Sauterne Gold metallic, which I'm not totally in love with, or be free to go another direction. I am totally restoring it, stripping to bare metal. I...
  2. Painting original engine assesories

    Classic Talk
    Just got done painting my engine bay and it looks like new, I will post pictures later. I now need to work on cleaning than painting the engine after that I need to paint the assesories such as the brackets and such. Does anyone know if painting the alternator is a bad idea? If I can what color...
  3. paint job cost for 1987 Mustang GT

    5.0L Talk
    1987 mustang gt i am about to buy needs a paint job. the car is mostly primered and was originally white. it is prepped and ready for paint. i want to get it resprayed white but dont know what kind of white i should go with, and i dont know how much it is going to cost me, im going to be using...
  4. 1966 Mustang 289 Coupe

    Restoration progressing slowly. Guess that's not new! Reliving my days in a previous '66 Pony. What a car! Will appreciate guidance and comments re: prep, priming and painting. Looking forward to chats and sharing info. and knowledge.