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  1. 4.6L Talk
    Broke my front bumper house hunting and didn't see the low level ditch and I wanted to cry. Having said that now I am looking to replace the factory bumpers with a stalker 2 style body kit and change the color overall. I am getting wildly different price quotes from different shops ( 2500 from...
  2. Classic Talk
    I have a 68 that is in need of a paint job. I need to know what shops are good at classic cars around Rochester NY. If you have had your mustang done and would recommend a shop, or likewise had a bad experience with a shop please share it here! What is important is quality and price so please...
  3. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I hit a deer a while back as a lot of you may know. I ended up having to get another hood (among other things), which ended up being a GT appearance package hood. It was Redfire like my car, but it was WAY more sunfaded and did NOT match. I hated it for that and the fact that it had a fake hood...
  4. Classic Tech
    Getting ready to have my 65 Mustang painted. We're going with Caspian Blue with white stripes. Does anyone know what the original specs were for the width of the stripes and the distance between the stripes?
  5. Classic Talk
    I'm looking into painting my 1966 coupe when I get it fixed up, I just want to run the numbers right now. I don't know where to start. I'm rather new to the car world so I don't know much, what I do know is that I want to save as much money as possible. How can I do this? Some people told me to...
  6. Classic Talk
    hey anybody know of a body shop in southern california that works on classic mustangs ..i need paint and gt350 instalation on my 1965 fastback
  7. New Member Introductions
    hey im looking for a body shop in socal to do paint on my 1965 fastback aswell as install my gt350 hood and bumper ....would like to find someone who mostly works on classic mustangs ..thanks
  8. V6 Talk
    I have a blue 2001 v6 mustang and I was looking to add the GT hood scoop that just bolts on for like 150 bucks, so i was wondering, if i get an autoshop to paint it, will the paint match? Or what are the best options I have. And if anyone else has done the same can you give me some input please...
  9. V6 Talk
    Hey guys, well I'm getting my 2001 Mustang Coupe repainted and I wanted some inputs. My current paint job is two tone with blk on top and siler on bottom seperated by a orange pin strip. Now I'm proly going to keep the top black, despite the blakc showing EVERYTHING and things like dust, pollen...
1-9 of 9 Results