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parking lights

  1. Flickering Parking Lights

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I have a 2005 v6 Mustang, and I changed the front turn signal housings back in April/May. I changed the parking lights on the side of the housings to white LED's, and changed the turn signal bulbs to LED white/amber switchbacks. The switchbacks have never given me a problem, but after a couple...
  2. No dash lights, or amber parking lights

    5.0L Tech
    So I have a bit of a problem, just bought a mustang and I discovered my amber lights and gauges have no light. Discovered fuse #4 was blown, so I replaced it. Hit my headlight switch and it blew again, but my headlights still worked. Tested for power and got nothing. I do have 5 autometer...
  3. 1966 Mustang parking/tail lights

    Classic Tech
    My wife has a 66 Mustang (I've always been a Camaro guy) that had a bad aftermarket stereo installed. For Christmas I bought her a vintage appearing stereo that had an input for her iPhone. After installing the stereo (and getting rid of a lot of the bad old wiring) the tail lights/parking...
  4. Quick question on lighting issue..

    Classic Tech
    Hi everyone, just a quick question about turn signals/ parking lights.. I have checked all the wires and they are all good and solid, but as far as being hooked up correctly I'm not too sure. When i pull the knob for the parking lights, they work fine (however) the right parking light is...
  5. 2005 Mustang-Turn signal blinker and park light will not work

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I replaced my 2005 Mustang front turn signal lights with Amber Corners. First, I removed both the left and right side turn signal lights without disconnecting the battery. I then proceeded to replace the left driver side park and turn signal lights and all worked fine. I followed by then replace...
  6. No Parking or Instrument Panel Lights

    2.3L Tech
    O.k. i've got this reocurring problem with my parking lights and instrument panel lights going out together. This happened about 6 months ago, and they were both out for a month, and all of a sudden just started working again. Now their both out again. All I've done so far is change the fuses...
  7. Mustang 2005+ Corner/Parking lights installation

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    How do I reach my corner/parking lights? I cant go through the botoom? Maybe a diagram would be nice. So please help. Thanks
  8. Should the parking lights flash when I unlock my 2006 Mustang?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I haven't been able to find an answer elsewhere to this question I have. On my old car (2003 Mercury Sable LS) the parking lights would come on when I pushed the unlock button on the key fab or using the door lock. I recently got my 2006 Mustang and I notice only the dome light comes on when...